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    Has anyone tried the Android game TW Battles? It is supposedly based on STW2, but I can't really comment on that as I have not played STW2. My own reaction is that it isn't all that great compared to, say STW or MTW, but is OK if you don't have a PC handy.
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    It's a hex based game, a completely different beast from the RTT games of the main series so you cannot really compare.
    The art style and the graphics are decent as is a voice acting. The specializations add some deapth. Building management can be a little tedious at times, but over all I found the game fun and it has saved me from boredom during some long train journeys.
    Definitely worth trying out if you're enjoy hex based games (JFR it is not turn based). The only thing I really disliked were the in game transactions but that's a standard practice in the Android market and you don't really need to use it anyway so....

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