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Thread: Ghost Army of Diazenis

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    Default Ghost Army of Diazenis

    Hi guys,

    Good to see there is still some activity on this forum and people are still playing this great game.

    I'm sure you guys are aware of Diazenis, Defender of Eburonum... with his 10 star command and elite army of Celts, he is a formidable foe, not including the fact that he re-spawns each turn after you beat him!

    Some backround: Started another Arverni campaign, its been a while! Crushed the Aedui early on, Romans allied with them and attacked me, so I crushed them too... then the Germans attacked... guess what? Crushed them also... then invaded central europe to grab the remaining provinces and win the campaign.

    I used the same army for pretty much all of this, so I was in command of the finest army in the world, gold chevron naked fanatics, solduros and northern gallic swords. Wanting for a tough final battle, against an army that wouldn't instantly rout against my naked fanatics, I was dissappointed to discover that no such army existed anywhere. So there was only one thing I could do- Resurrect Diazenis! I took Eburonum from the germans who had (somehow) managed to capture it... then I let it revolt...a voila! Diazenis had successfully risen from the dead. (again!) I took half my army (more of a challenge) and marched into Eburonum. I recorded the two resulting battles for your viewing pleasure! I wont spoil the result. Enjoy!

    edit: I am not the uploader of the video on youtube... I cant upload videos longer than 15 min, so my friend did it... He had the great idea of putting rome 2 in the title to get more views!
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    At what difficulty level is this battle?
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    played on VH/M... i tried several times on very hard battle difficulty but my army just runs away before they even engage, it adds rediculous bonuses to the AI


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