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    Default Historically accurate Mod proposal

    I've started to play RTW II a couple of weeks ago... ok, the vanilla game is unbearable, we know it, but thankfully the Modders immediatly worked hard to give us a better version. Now I'm playing with Radious Mod, and it's definitely better.

    But I was wondering... it is possible to work on the units to give us a more historically accurate experience? Just like... you know... remove those danged "African Pikemen" (yes, Loeb's translation error of "Lonchophoroi" still provides us monsters...) removing A LOT of "hoplite-like" Carthaginian troops and adding more thyreophoroi... adding mercenaries to the Carthaginan factions (e.d. Ligurian Infantry, Celtiberian Scutarii, ecc.) and basically modify some other factions troops.

    but if anyone is interested I'll gladly help. I've seen that in Radious Mod new units were added, and even if some of them are great, others need a restyle (e.d. carthaginian infantry with corinthian helmet).

    However... here I am, if there is some Modder that want to take the challenge ;-)

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