I've got a bit of an issue that I hope you lot might be able to help me with.

I decided to download the Europa Barbarorum mod, as I played it years ago but moved on to another game when presumably something shinier caught my eye.

I've tried to download if off their website, both using the torrent they've got on it and then the link to Atomic Gamer. However, my PC is refusing to allow me to open the torrents, and when I got it from the Atomic Gamer link, it refused to even save the files. I'm using Windows 7 on this laptop, which is probably the source of my issues. It doesn't recognise the programmes used to make the files, so my laptop doesn't seem to want to even have them on it. I think I've still got the torrents saved in my downloads file, but I can't open them.

Is there anything that I can do to sort this issue out?