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    I am playing a Romani campaign in Europa Barbarorum - Alexander. After converting Massalia into a Roman client kingdom, I "recruited" a Gallic lesser king. Naturally, I assumed the general I recruited would be of a Gallic culture, perhaps even have a Gallic portrait. Instead, a turn later, a Roman general with a "Client Ruler" trait appeared in Massalia, and only after noticing said trait did I realize this was my "Gallic lesser king". Far from being Gallic, this general was also of the Aurelia gens.

    Did the creators of Europa Barbarorum intend for this to happen? Do the characters spawned by recruiting "Client Kings" ever reflect the cultures of their region of origin?
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    Hardcoded vanilla engine randomising from the faction's ethnic traits pool, nothing can be done to it. Except making an overcomplicated script, which would require far too many resources, crippling (read "taking space" in a way) anything else in the mod...

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    Hmm. I'm not unfamiliar with the scripting of traits (coming from M2TW modding). I'll add the "and Trait RecruitedGeneral = 0" condition to all of the triggers that assign ethnicities, then write a couple triggers for each culture that'll fire based on the culture of the settlement where a general is recruited. If I like the result, I'll release it in the Unofficial modding subforum.

    I must say, Europa Barbarorum is a lover's embrace after the dreadfully dull ordeal that is "playing" Total War: Rome II. I considered myself a RTR fan back in the day (i.e., pre-M2TW), but that was before I learned Latin and Attic Greek in University and outgrew my Romanophilia.


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