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Thread: Hi, New-ish to TW

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    Default Hi, New-ish to TW


    I was looking for something different in a game and last year I bought Medieval 2 and Kingdoms expansion and I played about 20 hours of that and it was pretty fun owning France and getting them down to 2 towns left and I haven't really played since.

    I've been playing other games since then. Namely EVE online. I have learned alot about strategies, tactics, and ranks and whats good against what and about advamtages and advantages about the enemy and myself. That and I'm becoming more and more interested in military combat, specifically around these time areas.

    Now, I feel I have a good concept for battle and only partially confident in my abilities as a commander as well as a TW player. I know what to do but just not the nitty gritty details, specifically battles. That's what I'm more concerned about right now. The other thing is managing my armies and towns with money, public order, etc. As much as I like playing Medieval 2, I just feel I need to upgrade. The game mechanics make it feel less that what it should feel. With Shogun 2 it just feels so real and I can feel out the battlefield so much better and like a real sim.

    I'm mainly looking for someone to play with who can show me more in depth with the art of warfare and just looking for more battle experience without playing against people who have more skill and experience than I do and not really learn anything from it because they defeat me so fast.

    So hello all and I'm glad to be here and looking forward to talking with people and maybe make some close internet friends with similar interests.
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    If you want to learn more about TW tactics I'd recommend to watch some youtube videos to get a grasp. When I watched some I played so much differently and started to make up my own play style.

    Welcome to the .Org and I hope you have a good stay here. (I don't browse here too often anymore but I will check in on activity once in a while)

    You can also read up on guides here, the RTS by froggy still can apply to M2tw.

    I'm not sure if I can help you on battles as I have an habit of inviting new players and destroying them. Online battles might help you but they're mostly on RTW, NTW, and Rome 2. Shogun 2's is left with mostly the exploiters, etc and sadly there is no large fund battles. (Balance between medium and huge)

    As always, I hope you enjoy TW.
    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!

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    Default Re: Hi, New-ish to TW

    I've been playing Eve Online for about 4-5 years now. It's a lot of fun!

    Anyways, welcome!

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    Default Re: Hi, New-ish to TW

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I've been reading up on the GttG's and frogbeastegg's guide. Great stuff so far. I can't wait to start playing lol

    If anyone wants to add me/play with me on steam, here it is: force83xx
    I promise I'm a very quick learner and fun to play with :P


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