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    I've recently being playing barbarian invasion, but am having a bit of a problem when wiping out a faction. Every time a faction is down to its last settlement, if it is destroyed it automatically spawns 4 full armies all with family members. Though this does not happen if the factions armies do not take another settlement before they are destroyed, they almost always do simply because of the sheer number of armies they receive when "taking flight". This occurs even if I play the destruction of the last settlement myself and make sure every single enemy unit is killed, which seems a bit ridiculous. I just wanted to check this is how the game is meant to function and is not a bug as it is extremely irritating and doesn't really make sense!

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    Hi Joe,

    this is not a bug. It's called a "horde faction" and it was introduced for the first time in BI. To destroy such a faction, you must destroy all the armies and agents it has, not just take its last city.
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    The Horde ability is only given to certain factions. The Franks, Goths, Huns, Vandals, Lombardi, Burgundi, and Sarmatians, and I believe the Roxolani all have the Horde ability. The Roman-British, Ostrogoths, and Slavs all appear as hordes. I don't know the mechanics for forming the Slavs or Ostrogoths, but it seems the Romano-British appear when you take the last Western Roman settlement in England. Start building up your forces in Londinium, that is what they usually attack.
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