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    Wink Hi

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm Clockwork Jackal (CJ for short) I'm a reserve player for Pizza's Resident Evil game. I'm from the Giraffe boards originally.

    I live in Washington state. I paint/refinish furniture and do the stay at home mom thing.

    Not much else to say. :)
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    I have to say, you have an awesome name.

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    LOL thanks!

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    Hello hello

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    Welcome CJ
    Andres is our Lord and Master and could strike us down with thunderbolts or beer cans at any time. ~Askthepizzaguy

    Ja mata, TosaInu

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    More folks to chillax at the org, das cool! :)
    Silence is beautiful

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    Enjoy our camelrides.
    Abandon all hope.


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