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Thread: New subforum til AAR and succession games

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    Default New subforum til AAR and succession games

    It's fun to read all the AAR, but as it is now it can be quite confusing
    From myself, i release my Selecid AAR tomorrow and a historical rome AAC is in planned - and I guess this is more incoming from other storyteller

    To collect all the AAR and succession games in one place, i think it's a good idea to create a new subforum for this for clarity

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    Default Re: New subforum til AAR and succession games

    Looking ahead a bit, I can see some value in some type of "archive", perhaps a "completed AAR" subforum. Before long, some of the earlier-started AARs will be finished...and will then generate less comments and scroll off bottom of the page. Newer Org participants (and we are picking up a few) who come to the forum after that may not see them at all.

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    Default Re: New subforum til AAR and succession games

    Until we see more activity in this subforum we have decided to keep all single-player related in one area so the community isnt fragmented. Now then, when the older AARs begin to end and be pushed towards the back we will probably make a completed AAR archive, as Bramborough said.
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    Default Re: New subforum til AAR and succession games

    Seem to be a lot of AARs floating around now though.

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    Default Re: New subforum til AAR and succession games

    4-5 ongoing AARs, the most active of which still update only once a day or so, is "a lot"? Maybe it is, I wasn't on the Org during previous TW titles....

    The way I see it, the forum community here is pretty small. Substantive content is correspondingly modest. The recent up-trend in AARs helps to add a bit more traffic on a forum that, frankly, could use some more activity. Now a proposal to shunt this newly developing content into a separate sub-forum? What exactly then is left here?

    I just don't see the value - yet - in a separate sub-forum. The "critical mass" of traffic here in the main forum hasn't been reached; not even close. If we had 10-12 AARs going, or had triple the number of daily new non-AAR topic starts, it would be different. Maybe (hopefully) in the not-so-distant future we'll get to that point.

    Don't get me wrong: I like the idea of a separate sub-forum for AARs. Likewise, one for guides. I sincerely hope traffic and content develop to a level where these are needed.

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