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Thread: Request for sources on Ekdromoi

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    Default Request for sources on Ekdromoi

    I'm doing research to put together a fictional narrative taking on the Peloponesian War for a game. I'm so far haven't been able to locate good sources on Ekdromoi and their equipment. So far my main secondary source is The Ancient Greeks by Nicholas Sekunda which describes Greek military equipment 500-mid 300s BCE with varying levels of details.

    Also, I have a question for your Greek experts (RAT seems kinda inactive these days) if they have time: What do you think about the Peloponnesian War era funeral reliefs/vase paintings ( from the Peloponnese depicting hoplites with only shield, tunic, spear, and pilos? Could these be depictions of Ekdromoi? It seems reasonable to guess that the artists may be depicting people as young men who would have likely served as Ekdromoi.

    The traditional explanation of Spartans discarding their armor during the late 5th century seems only supported by these artistic depictions and a possible passing description of the Spartan defeat on Sphacteria in 425 implying that they didn't have helmets. However, other parts of the same account talks about how the Athenian missiles were sticking out of their armor and how the Spartans were too weighed down in armor to chase the Athenians. Likewise, Xenophon's description of Cyrus's inspection of the Greek Mercenaries mentions everyone having helmets, shields, and greaves. Thus, if these pieces of art are actually semi-accurate depictions of soldiers they would have to be of either a poor hoplite not able to afford armor, a very lightly armed soldier, or an abstract depiction of a soldier with the emblems of a soldier (spear, helmet, shield where spears and shields seem to be referred to in idioms of the time).

    Also is it true that the Greeks went to war barefoot during this period? That seems like an exceedingly bad idea if you have to walk over discarded splintered/pointy equipment and jagged terrain.
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