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  • Romani (Julia x Cornelia = Military x Economy/Navy )

    1 33.33%
  • Karthadasdim (Barca x Senate = Military x Economy/Navy )

    2 66.67%
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Thread: Participative AAR POLL! Center x Org

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    Default Participative AAR POLL! Center x Org

    Hey guys!
    I am Lenin Cat, a strong communist leader from TWC and I wanted to make something similar to the good ol' Koinon Hellenon AAR which happened both here and on TWC ( Sparta x Athens )
    I held a poll in TWC with almost all EB factions (except Saba and Saka which I considered too boring for something like this and the Arche Seleukia which I forgot).
    The first two places were Romani and Karthadasdim so I decided to put them to vote here too.
    NOTE: I must thank the Org for letting me make a poll with so few posts.
    Yay I have a balloon!

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    Default Re: Participative AAR POLL! Center x Org

    Ok I guess, it's Carthage :D
    I might put the first chapter on Saturday.
    Yay I have a balloon!


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