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Thread: RTW Issue With GPU

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    Default RTW Issue With GPU

    I can't find solution to this anywhere. RTW doesn't see the dedicated gpu (Radeon 7970m) on my laptop and uses hd4000 instead.
    It's hard to search for a solution due to the second part having the same issue (that is fixable BTW). I tried running it in compatibility mode (Win XP SP3), but that way it doesn't run at all (when I launch it, the resolution gradually goes down to 600*800, and the game crashes giving we an alert window with "Rome: Total War" and nothing else in it).
    I have to put everything in medium, and fps is still pretty low (around 20).

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    Default Re: RTW Issue With GPU

    Did you disable the hd4000 in your bios?

    If not, you should.
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