(Mafia Clue Game)
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Columbo walked into his kitchen, tired from another day of work. He had, of course, had lost the pencil his wife gave him that morning.

"Hello? I'm home! Dinner smells pretty good, but I-" Columbo's usual jabber was cut off when he saw the window wide open.

"What, Lieutenant? You were saying something. Pray continue.", said the man hiding in the shadows. Columbo turned, but he said, "That's far enough. I don't need you to come toward me. I just came to- how shall I say this?- give you a little visit. Let you know what you'll be facing, as it were."

"Do I know you?" said Columbo, half staring into the shadows. His glass eye never moved an inch, but his other eye picked up that this man was tall and relatively thin. "I'm just looking for my wife. She always cooks Lasanga on Thursdays, but today she-"

"Fool. Can't you tell I've kidnapped your wife?"

"What? I don't think that's very smart, sir, if you don't mind my saying so. I mean, she can cook decently, but sometimes she gets loud. And it's a felony. You did know that, didn't you? I think we need to just think this over..."

"BAH! No more games Columbo. I am not one of those murderers you chase all over creation. I'm much more powerful than you think, so no more silly stuff. This is serious." The man smiled. It didn't do him much good because he was in pitch darkness, but he did it anyway. "I've devised a test for you. You simply have to pick out the assassins in the midst of 20 people. No problem, right? You faced them before, so all you have to do is convince the other, innocent people that those are the assassins. These guys leave too many clues anyway. Simple for you, right?"

"Did you say something? And what did you pay for those shoes?"

"THAT'S IT! You can't even see my shoes, let alone admire them! Back to the business at hand. Can you prove to these people that my assassins are really guilty?"

"Of course, of course. Now, was it $50? $100? Those are nice shoes..."

"No! NO! Not one more thing out of you! Just see that you show up at the Ambassador Hotel tomorrow at noon. OK?"

"Sure, sure." Columbo sit in his favorite chair, and watched as the shadow approached the door. "Hey, just one more little thing..."

The shadow stopped.

"Have you seen my wife? She should be here by now..."

I'm looking for about 7 more players to join, though we can start if I just get 3.
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