Once upon a time, there was a town named Town. Some of the members of this town were members of a secret criminal organization. Most people were not.

One day, there were orders from the head honcho of said criminal organization: eliminate everybody in the town.

The question on their lips was: Why? The town was pretty much idyllic. There was a lake, it was moderately close to the beach, moderately close to the mountains, had a temperate climate, and had a low crime rate, high educational opportunities, and even had a thriving economy. Its chief export was vanilla; its chief import was chocolate.

But, like good mafiosos, they struck, quickly and silently. Due to bureaucratic limitations, however, they could only kill one person per night. So they killed Mayor Meuilleur.

Upon the discovery of the corpse, the townspeople suddenly knew what to do: about 15 of them would decide the fate of the rest of the town. They would do this by holding special votes and lynching people once per day until the mafiosos were dead. It had worked before (actually this had never been tried).

That being decided, the townspeople went to sleep, some for the last time...

Rules poached from Swink who got them from choxorn.

-1 mafia for every six or seven townspeople.
-Nights will last approximately 24 hours.
-Mafia members will PM their kills and clues to me at night time.
-Clues can be either true or false, and they must alternate. You choose the veracity of your clue at the onset, and then they must alternate.
-All clues must be explained to me.
-If a mafia member fails to send in a clue, I will make a true clue.
-Talking at night is NOT permitted.
-Day will last approximately 48 hours.
-Voting will occur during the day.
-The amount of votes given will equal the number of mafia.
-All votes must be in bold. Adding Vote: before the vote is optional, I don't really care. To remove or change a vote, use Unvote: or put a slash () through the previous vote.

Link: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showt...lue-Mafia-Game