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Thread: Farewell O'Toole

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    Default Farewell O'Toole

    Ja-mata TosaInu

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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    Read about this last night.
    Amazing actor.

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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    Very sad - so sad.

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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    Lawrence of Arabia an all time great. RIP
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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    He played a very spooky Tiberius in the movie Caligula! A great Irishman! Heavy Metal Thunder mourns his passing… RIP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurando View Post
    He played a very spooky Tiberius in the movie Caligula! A great Irishman! Heavy Metal Thunder mourns his passing… RIP
    Hehehe ... just watched the unabridged version of Caligula (before there was sex education on the 'net, there was Caligula) in tribute to this fine actor. Watching LoA today. RIP Master O'Toole. Ehehehe ... hehehe.
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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    Loved his work. My Favorite Year, The Lion in Winter, Lord Jim, many well done roles. And that voice..... He will be missed.

    Surprised he lasted as long as he did given the mileage he rang up.
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    Default Re: Farewell O'Toole

    Loved him in The Lion in Winter. RIP your Majesty!
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