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    Lightbulb More illustrations from the Baburnama

    Illustrations to the 1590s Persian translation of the memoirs of Mughal Emperor Babur: the Baburnama
    Baburnama Page 2, Baburnama Page 3, Baburnama Page 4, Baburnama Page 5, Baburnama Page 6, Baburnama Page 7, Baburnama Page 8 & Baburnama Page 9

    Including larger pictures:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    From manuscripts: British Library Or. 3714, the Victoria & Albert Museum manuscript, and detached folios.
    1494, Babur enthroned as ruler of Fergana
    Harvesting of the almond crop at Qand-i Badam
    Ahmad Miran Shahi and Mahmud Chaghata'i, uncles of Babur, routing the enemy on a bridge when they invaded Ferghana
    1494, Babur’s troops defying the enemy at the fort of Qaba
    1495, Baqi Beg Chaghaniani paying homage to Babur
    1495-6, Sayyidim, Quli Baba, and several warriors were unhorsed in battle and how news of their fate reached Sultan Husayn Mirza
    1496, Disease at Qaba Disables the Horses
    Babur and his army emerge from the Khwaja Didar Fort
    Babur and his men drive the Uzbeks toward Samarkand.
    Babur treated by doctors during a serious illness
    1498, Jahangir Mirza and Sultan Ahmad Tambal repulsed by the ‘kizil ayak’ at Aush
    1502, Acclamation of the Nine Standards
    1502, Sultan Mahmud's elder son meeting Babur and sending his son Sultan Sa‘d Khan forward to greet him
    1502, Babur advancing through the mountains to Kabul, passing the Minar Hill in deep snow
    1504, The Gardens of Fidelity '(Baghi vafa)' being laid out at Kabul
    1504, Babur watching men altering the course of the stream at Istalif so that it flowed in a straight line
    1504, Babur orders the inscription at the spring near Zarafshan
    1504, Babur and the bird catchers of Kabul
    Babur supervising the laying out of the Garden of Fidelity, left
    Babur supervising the laying out of the Garden of Fidelity, right
    1505, Babur and his army arriving at Bila on the Indus
    Perhaps: Left side of double picture: Babur meeting the Khurasan Mirzas in the tents of Badi al-Zaman Mirza in October 1506
    1507, A banquet including roast goose given for Babur by the Mirzas
    1507, Babur hunting on the plains of Kattavaz
    1507, Shah Mansur and his servants being attacked by the leaderless Uzbeks watched by Shaibaq Khan
    1507, Babur Marches from Kabul to Hindustan
    1508, Babur celebrates the birth of Humayun in the Chahar Bagh of Kabul
    Babur receives a courtier, Farrukh Baig, from Rawdat al-safa
    Babur hunting Rhinoceros near Peshawar
    Babur crossing the river Son
    Babur fallen from his horse during a race
    Babur greets courtiers at the Id festival
    Babur at the royal court of Sultan Huseyn at Herat
    Emperor Babur Receiving a Visitor
    Meeting between Babur and Sultan 'Ali Mirza near Samarqand
    Tambal attacking his cousin Babur
    Harvesting of the almond crop at Qand-i Badam
    Babur Seeks His Grandmother's Advice
    Babur and Companions Warming Themselves Before a Camp Fire
    Babur receiving Uzbek envoys
    People taking a share of the game after Babur had been hunting rhinoceros
    1519, Babur carrying a torch riding drunk through the camp after a celebration party on a boat
    A Drunken Babur Returns to Camp at Night
    Babur visiting ascetics at Gur Kattri
    Babur hunting deer between ‘Ali Shang and Alangar near Kabul
    Babur and Humayun go to see the Rhinoceros
    1526, The battle of Panipat between the armies of Babur and Ibrahim Lodi
    1526, The battle of Panipat between the armies of Babur and Ibrahim Lodi
    Khusrau Shah Kokultash swearing fealty to Babur
    Babur entertains in Sultan Ibrahim Lodi's palace
    Babur on rising ground in Kutila Lake visited by villagers in boats
    Babur's men pursuing the inhabitants of Bilah across the River Indus
    Babur visiting the Urvah valley in Gwalior where statues had been cut out of the rocks
    1528, The defenders of Chanderi putting their women to death as Babur’s troops storm the fort in January, 1528
    Entertainment provided for the envoys in the form of fighting rams and blackbuck
    Babur crossing the Jumna seated on an ornate dais on a boat accompanied by other boats carrying musicians and horses

    From the Walters manuscript W.596
    Babur confronting enemies in the mountains of Kharabuk and Pashamun
    The siege and battle of Isfarah
    Foray to Kuhat (Kohat)
    Despite his treachery, Muhammad Husaym Mirza, a relative of Babur, is released and sent to Khurasan
    Having opened the gates of the Murghinan fortress, 'Ali Dust Taghayi pays homage to Babur
    Babur camps at Jam, explores Bigram, and inquires about the Hindu temple Gurh Kattri
    An awards ceremony at Sultan Ibrahim's court before an expedition to Sambhal
    Babur being entertained in Ghazni by Jahangir Mirza
    The battle with Afghans from the area of Kabul and Lamghan at the Jikdalik (Jagdalak) pass
    The battle of Panipat and the death of Sultan Ibrahim
    During an attempt to defend the Akhshi fort, Sultan Muhammad Vays offers Babur a healthy horse to replace his ailing one
    Babur, entering Kabul, is welcomed by Qasim Beg, the city qadi, along with his retinue
    Babur riding a raft from Kunar back to Atar
    1495, Battle of the Hissar
    Sultans pay homage to Babur
    The battle of Kandahar on the side of the Murghan mountain
    Babur hunting rhinoceros in Swati
    Babur visits the Hindu temple Gurh Kattri
    1504, Baqi Chaghanyani paying homage to Babur, near the river Oxus (Darya Amu)
    The Fall of Samarkand
    The inhabitants of Osh (Ush) drive the enemy out with sticks and clubs with a view to holding the town for Babur
    Animals of Hindustan: monkeys, rodents and a peacock
    Animals of Hindustan: small deer and cows called gini
    Animals of Hindustan: monkeys called bandar that can be taught to do tricks
    Date Trees of Hindustan
    Birds of Hindustan
    Birds of Hindustan, such as crows, magpies, and cuckoos, that live beside water, and alligators
    Babur and his army in the Sinjid valley march toward Kabul
    Birds of Hindustan: starlings, called pandavali
    Birds of Hindustan: luchas, called buqalamun, and partridges

    Illustrations to the 1590s Persian translation of the memoirs of Mughal Emperor Babur: the Baburnama

    Moghul Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
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