I will translate the original text from here. These laws are notorious with their severity and yet many of us modern day Bulgarians frequently use the phrase "we need Krum's laws reinstated". Naturally the world human rights organizations will not permit the state to break someone's legs over theft or to cut off the arm of a thief. But our laws as it is right now are a joke anyway. Although it is also more of an issue of enforcing, I think it is good to remember that in times past people were just as greedy and absurd, and there were more effective means to keep people in check.

We learn of these laws by the 10th century Svidas texts and Theophanes the Confessor.

"...These same bulgarians destroyed the avars. Krem (Krum) asked the avar prisoners: "What do you think caused the death of your leader (archont) and all your peoples?" And they answered: "For the reason that mutual accusations multiplied, the ones who were braver and smarter perished; also because those who were unjust and the thieves became accomplices to the judges; also, due to drinking, because as wine became more abundant, everyone became a drunkard; also - due to bribery; also - due to trade, because as everyone became a merchant, they cheated one another. And in truth doom followed from all this."

And when he [Krum] heard this he summoned all the bulgarians and ordered them, and he decreed by law:

If someone accuses (blames) someone else, he should not be heard beforehand, but instead he must be tied up and questioned. And if found that he has slandered and lied, he is to be slain.

It is not permitted to give food to a thief. And if someone dares do so, his (estates/belongings) are to be seized. And the thief's shins (of the legs) are to be broken.

All vineyards are to be rooted out - he ordered.

And to anyone who begs do not simply give (at random), but give according to his need, so that he may not again be driven to begging. If one does not do this, then his (estates/belongings) are to be seized."