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    Greetings, gentlemen -

    I recently purchased RTW2. Installation etc went smoothly, and the game runs well, no problems thus far.

    However, there seems to be a slight problem when running a LAN game. When loading a saved LAN game, I and my friend can only play on a single faction, regardless if we were playing separate factions when we first played. In the game we were playing, I was Carthage and my friend was the Romans. After saving, getting off, and loading a little while later, we were only able to play on the Roman faction. We could give the Romans orders, and while countermanding orders was fun for a little while, we were not able to continue afterwards.

    After pressing the end turn button, it would go the the Carthage turn, and get stuck. It would show my username under Carthage's turn symbol, but neither one of us was able to control Carthage. The AI didn't move them, and thus the game is not able to advance. There is no issue other than that, and we are both able to safely exit the game to the menu.

    Now, I am running a LAN game off a single account, but we were able to start the campaign on different factions. We just cannot continue after re-loading.

    Thanks for your consideration -


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    Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

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    Default Re: Rome Total War II Lan Question

    Posting in the Rome2 multiplayer section might produce answers. Had no experiences with co-op myself.
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    Does your friend have a copy of R2? Are you two running it via the same steam account on separate computers with one in offline mode? Can you try replicating the issue in an Online MP campaign?
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    Unfortunately Rome 2 has a lot issues with coop campain and the one described is one. Desyncs are many. I tried 3 different coop campaigns. You cannot even play the game when both players have a different language of the game. Known to CA but still not fixed.


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