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Thread: No LAN Multiplayer in Mongol Invasion

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    These guys are crazy, but I just found out that the developers are not including the LAN Multiplayer for the expansion. It will be an update and EACH PLAYER WILL NEED A SEPERATE CD-KEY! You guys hear that. I feel so robbed. I was looking so forward to a campaign multiplayer where I was building armies and friends on my borders were building armies as well. Then we could clash or sneak attack. But oh well, this is what we get from non-gamer developers.

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    it simply comes down to money, they want to make as much as possible out of gamers; cheap nasty way of forcing keen players/addicts to buy an additional cd

    this is big business rorting the small consumer, they can go fuck themselves if what you say is true!
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    Old news. There will be no Multiplayer Campaign in the x-pack. Not money, time is the cause. It's a very hard thing to program. Won't go into that. It's a simple fact.

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    off to Mongolia with you

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