Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums so please forgive me or shrug it off if I say something noobish hehe.

So this bug (I'm not even sure if it is a bug, I fear I did something wrong) has been really annoying me for 3 days now and I was wondering if any of you helpers in the forums or those who work t make EB could help me. What happens is that when I click single player and start a New Campaign, it doesn't go to the faction selection screen and basically shows me a little sign that says 'Please select an item from the list", no campaign start, no faction selection screen, nothing. All I can do when the sign appears is click the checkmark and that's it. I made sure I installed what I needed correctly to run EB on Steam through BI, (other than doing that shortcut thing with the shortcut properties and target code thing, which I think isn't necessary for the installation) I even installed the rar fixes that come with patch 1.2 that you have to unpack in the data folder in the EB file, but nothing. I would be grateful if someone could help me with my problem, because it pretty much stops me from even starting to play EB (which I so dearly want to play for the first time). Also if you need a screenshot of what the game shows me, I will be more than happy to give one.

Please respond if you have a fix,