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Thread: Winged Nazgul - Third Age

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    Default Winged Nazgul - Third Age

    Winged Nazgul - (they go by many names but I mean the cloaked lads on dragons that attack minas tirith in the movie).

    In the third age mod the nazgul are dismounted, which is understandable, I'm content with that.

    However, I was wondering if this might be possible:-
    Winged Nazgul units utilising the artillary unit functions.
    Could artillary missile be converted into the animated Winged Nazgul? Then the beasts could drop onto troops, do damage similar to cannonfire, then fly away again.
    To defend against them, perhaps between a group of three Winged Nazgul, one would always be grounded at its deployment position and vulnerable to artillary (1 grounded, 1 circling, 1 attacking). And maybe they could also be targeted in the air with missile?

    I have no idea of the limits of mod creation, but it would be fantastic if something was possible.
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    Default Re: Winged Nazgul - Third Age

    this is where to go, has flying dragons and spiders and winged nazguls with own animations, using the byzantine flamethrower or elephant stuff also.

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