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Thread: What's your favorite units?

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    Default What's your favorite units?

    Hello folks! My first thread, I started just for fun, this is not a serious thread. :)

    Question is simple, What's your 3 favorite units in Rome 2? Their armor or their strength or whatever.

    My favorite units are;
    1- Saka Cataphracts Cool armor and their strength.
    2- Royal Horse Archers. They're very usefull.
    3- Elite Persian Archers. They look badass with these head caps and they use spears as second weapon, I love spear & bow combination.

    So, what's yours?
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    Default Re: What's your favorite units?

    Praetorian Cavalry cause I think they look amazing. I generally like the really unified looks of the Romans or phalanx type units. Celtic cavalry is cool too.

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    Default Re: What's your favorite units?

    Painted ones
    Silver Shield Pikemen
    Royal Spartans

    Based on looks that is. The tattooed woad warriors of the Iceni take my #1 spot though.
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