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Thread: Redux: Strategy & Hints

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    Question Redux: Strategy & Hints

    As the title suggests, this new thread is intended to cover in detail Strategy and related hints of all sorts for Redux. It also replaces the obsolete and less defined “new player”-thread. I see no reason why we should not have a fresh, contemporary thread dedicated for all that strategy-stuff in Redux…

    While posting here, please consider:

    • Try to keep things topical at all times and don’t wander off to places clearly beyond the framework of this thread. “Doctrine” is considered to be closely related to strategy and thus it belongs here. Tactics in contrast is covered elsewhere and thus does not belong here. “Strategy” – is here confined to only concern and relate to things that can or do happen or be found/traced somehow on the strat-map in Redux, little else.
    • Try to provide basis and grounds to support your claims here, whenever possible. If no substantial basis is provided to support whatever claims you make here, take at least the time to clearly point that out for all (before somebody does it for you). If it really is just your own opinions/impressions you’re posting here somehow, be clear that it is just that and little else. Everybody wins that way. These practices ensures that most information here can be easily processed and validated by all visitors/players who come here, regardless their motives for searching information here. At the same time, stuff like confusion, flawed-, skewed- and doubtful information is actively reduced and hopefully kept to a minimum as a result. Obviously, that is also desirable for us all.
    • Remarks regarding troops/units in this thread, should be confined to the context of garrisons, upkeep, tech-prerequisites, availability-zones and prices in this thread – blatant strategy stuff – anything else, it probably belongs in the Battle & Tactics-thread or elsewhere….
    • Have fun!

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux: Strategy & Hints

    Re-posting various remarks that probably have a better home here... (edited)

    Quote Originally Posted by daigaku
    ...another lesson learned: never leave too many regions to the rebels. Not for the nuisance they are, but for respawns....
    Had extinguished the Moors, and just about to build up Iberia. All Northern Africa, from Morocco to Tripoli/Syria, was Rebel Land, with quite a few men scattered around(altogether about 7000). The Moment I had secured Iberia for good - a respawn of the Moors turned up, thousands and thousands of them, the rebels joining them as well, getting all this land, and partially with still intact and well developed infrastructure. I´ll have hell to keep them out of Europe.........

    Quote Originally Posted by daigaku View Post
    • The very first [thing] is economy. Comes before big army, comes before variety of units. No money, no units - that simple.
    • Don´t go for numbers. Go for quality. Every building increasing valour/morale/weapon-stats/armour-stats is vital. Costs a fortune to get them all - but is worth every Florin.
    • Retrain, even the cheapest units. Every upgrade makes even woodsmen usable in battle!
    • Blitzing works in Vanilla. It doesn´t really work in REDUX. Build your empire slow but steady. Sometimes it´s enough to conquer one or two provinces in a king´s life to keep up influence.
    • Naval superiority. I had situations with an oncoming armada of about 150 Byz ships - be prepared to wipe out every ship of every possible opponent - and keep your trade going. Use islands giving no income for ship production!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Plato View Post
    Redux 3rd Edition - Plato's Tip No. 1: Cultivate some additional generals

    Though you may think that royal princes give you a fine start, they won't see you through the game (kings are mortal after all) and there are no four- or five-star heroes appearing every few decades. If you don't heed my advice, you may just find yourself watching as a no-star nobody donates the skulls of his men for use as Norse drinking vessels.

    If you don't need to inflict an absolutely crushing victory, consider leaving your top general at home when attacking and let someone else have a go - it will pay dividends later. The highest rated commander (or king) will still take charge when a territory is attacked.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axalon
    There are more factors at play, its simply more complex then raw MTW. There are questions that precede your questions before you will have any solid answers to that. Are your coffers rich/poor? Have you managed to get high levels of development in the region? What does the opposition actually look like? You pointed out yourself that against crossbows their use is questionable – which is true. If allowed to stand around and be free targets for concentrated salvos of projectiles they [feudal champions] will die for sure . If it is close combat the roles are reversed. Also…

    Consider this: a single 60men regular Infantry formation at the cost of 575 fl. is likely to lose vs. a 5 men feudal champion unit at the cost 150 fl (90% chance or there about, with zero upgrades and bonuses). It is a trade off since the regular infantry unit will (without a doubt) fare much better against the crossbow unit then the feudal champions would. On the other hand you can not keep an army of just feudal champions because you are likely to loose as soon as the AI uses/deploys troops that the feudal boys are weak against (which will probably be soon). It is all part of the system. It is real diversity that you as the player are more or less forced to consider eventually….

    Against a formation of – say a 100men Moorish Infantry unit - you will have good chances of success by combining 1 unit feudal champs + the regular infantry of 60 men while in total you have only spent 725 fl. as compared to the Muslim 850 fl. The downside is that 2 battleslots (out of 16) are taken/used instead of just 1 which is the case for the Muslim unit. This is how redux works, those boys are a part of the system. If you somehow don’t want to utilize all the options and possibilities of that system are up to you, it is your headache and privilege.
    Note that the prices mentioned in my comments may have changed somehow, but the overall spirit of it is still true...

    - A
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    Default Re: Redux: Strategy & Hints

    Posting some useful guidelines/doctrines for RX-strategy...

    Order & stability:

    • If possible, establish a few (3-4) core-provinces - preferably bordering to each other, as to maximize their security.
    • If necessary, focus on rich and wealthy provinces above average/poor ones - these are more valuable to you (usually).
    • If possible, invest in your internal order and stability, as to ensure that you have a functional and healthy one - before it will be tested/needed somehow.
    • If possible, ensure stability and order at your core-provinces (home base) at every turn. These (will always) take priority over other provinces in terms of stability.
    • If possible, avoid the use and dependence of static/fixed garrisons for stability. Be flexible and organic in your deployment and use of garrisons - position them only where they are actively needed. Also fine tune with tax-levels - if necessary.
    • If possible, be flexible in your tax-levels. If it is not necessary, then try to keep normal/low tax-levels to ensure more stability...
    • If possible, always strive to cluster/group/gather your faction-provinces to a single continuous mass. The more you spread out and sprawl over the map - the harder it gets to maintain control, order and stability all over.

    Cash & economy:

    • If possible, try to build up a healthy economy before you do much else. The longer you wait, the harder it (usually) gets...
    • If possible, actively invest in your economy... This, as to ensure that you will have a functional and healthy economy long term - and before it will be tested/needed somehow.
    • If possible, focus your attention and investments to provinces that are secure and stable. Then you bother with the others.
    • If possible, focus your investments on rich and wealthy provinces above average/poor ones - these are more valuable for you both short and long term. Investments in farming generates more wealth in rich provinces then in poor ones, and they break even faster.
    • If possible, be adaptive and flexible in your investments into each province - never ever standardize!
    • If possible, always try to build a predictable and reliable economy - based upon mines, agriculture and other wealth-generating installations. Trade is not reliable or predictable (but still lucrative) - thus never have your economy rely on it, if you can help it.
    • If possible, always invest in potential mines before anything else... Mines generate wealth fast and reliably - this regardless of level, the higher level the better. Farming is good too but it is slower to develop.
    • If possible, try to keep normal tax-levels during peacetime. It increases the stability and loyalty of your provinces. And it delivers extra margins on taxes should you ever need it (later on).

    War & security:

    To be continued...

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux: Strategy & Hints

    Quote Originally Posted by Axalon View Post
    Posting some useful guidelines/doctrines for RX-strategy...

    Order & stability:

    • If possible, try to keep normal tax-levels during peacetime. It increases the stability and loyalty of your provinces. And it delivers extra margins on taxes should you ever need it (later on).

    War & security:

    To be continued...

    - A
    Are you saying that even if you can set a province's tax rate to very high, you should keep it normal? What are these mysterious extra margins?
    edit: I see what you're saying. Get used to playing with lower taxation and save high taxes for emergencies.
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