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    I am making this topic with the dual purpose of enlightening the Orgahs about this amazing little game as well as requesting you all to show support to the devs who are in a bit of a pickle.
    The Banner Saga, to put it simply is what would happen if Oregon Trail met King of Dragon Pass, and had turn based combat on a square grid. Developed by the indie devs Stoic Studios after a successful Kickstarter campaign (in which some of the Orgahs participated IIRC), this is really one game I am pretty certain everyone here is going to enjoy.
    The story is mostly told through text/text based dialogue. The gist of the story is that a darkness is creeping over the world and giants and men are banding together to fight it. The battles are a lot of fun and pretty challenging. On the highest difficulty you really need to watch your step.
    The music for the game was composed by Austin Wintory. The same guy who composed for 2012 video game, Journey. It also feature vocal by Malukah, the girl who did that awesome Dragonborn cover.
    So the game is fun and the music is great. Now to the problem Stoic is facing.
    King, the developer of the Candy Crush Saga is opposing Stoic's move to trademark their IP as 'The Banner Saga'. They claim that the use of the word Saga will confuse their playerbase in a market which is already filled with Candy Crush clones (If I remember correctly they trademarked the word Candy last year).
    Stoic reps have said that this can cause problems with the release of a sequel.
    Article at RPS
    I urge the Orgahs to show their support to Stoic by getting The Banner Saga, and maybe tweeting/writing to King asking them to stop. Maybe tell the people who you know play Candy Crush Saga about this incident.

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