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    i cannot initiate diplomacy with hiero as rome. nothing works, but historicaly he ended up allied to the romans for 50 years.

    why can i not do this? is it a bug?

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    Lightbulb Re: cannot diplomacy

    Hello r4pt0r, welcome to the .Org and to EB .

    Your problem is due to a limitation of the R:TW engine. You can only conduct diplomacy with the 20 playable factions, which do not include Syracuse. All other cities/armies are considered "rebels" ("Eleutheroi"), and no diplomacy other than bribing them is possible.

    There's nothing that can be done about this. The engine is limited to 20 factions as well, so there's no space to add Syracuse.
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    thanks much. i just found out the add money console commands. ill start my game by bribing him to join me, then remove the excess money. semi historicaly accurate since hiero did contribute some troops to the punic wars


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