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Thread: Trade with Rome - a diplomatic brick wall

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    Default Trade with Rome - a diplomatic brick wall

    Playing as Egypt, after I controlled 3 provinces (Assent to my bold undertakings), I got hit by 3 new "secondary" objectives. One of them is securing a trade agreement with Rome.

    From the 1st few turns though, I had trade agreements and non-aggression pacts with Carthage/Carthago Nova/Libya and the Etruscans. So i was on the verge of war with Rome.

    Now due to cancelling non-aggression pacts with the aforementioned factions, some treaties with Syracuse (ally of Rome) and recenly declaring war on the Veneti a turn after the Romans did, relations have improved dramatically. if I cancel trade agreements with Carthage and its client states my diplomatic standing with Rome is above 50.

    ...And they still won't accept trade. Even after enormous bribes, just to see if they'll bite, I still get a low probability of them accepting my trade offer.

    Any thoughts on how to get them to accept? I'd really like to have all the bonus objectives cleared.

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    Default Re: Trade with Rome - a diplomatic brick wall

    Give them a few turns to ease in. Develop your resources in the minor settlements you own (Aegyptus has 3). You will be able to get it eventually.
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    Default Re: Trade with Rome - a diplomatic brick wall

    Agree with Myth, just give it some time and continue development, they'll eventually accept. Whenever you're confronted with a game objective it seems that there's a bit of extra difficulty coded in to present the player with a greater challenge. At least that's how I rationalize those WTF moments I have in the diplomacy panel that seem totally contrary to logic, as they're often related to chapter objectives even when the conditions look right.

    In your example, I would've gone to Rome first with the prospect of joining their war with the Veneti. Rome is always at war with at least 3 or 4 factions at a time, they often accept help. If you offered to help them out and the probability for them to accept is 'High', then add in your trade agreement as a condition and check the result. If it drops down to low wait a couple of turns, if they lose a battle hit them up with the offer again.


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