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    Default Oh Canada

    good game all around; Sweden played tight but a couple of breaks made it all Canada
    Ja-mata TosaInu

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    Deserved Olympic Gold for team Canada. I hear team USA run into some ass whooping during Saturday at the bronze game..
    Ja Mata Tosainu Sama.

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    In all honesty I think we got a little lucky this time; the USA was a far better team in both the men's and women's hockey. But we'll take it! People up here really went bananas though; it is a really big deal to most everyone.
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    Agree, but the women's game was a classic. Fact: Canada just did not quit/let up through the entire game. Reminds me of Calgary's last Stanley Cup shot: 90% goaltending and all effort.
    The men played solid and consistent, lucky<=>good; better able to exploit their breaks and a gave very little up.
    The games could have easily gone the other way (in both cases) and it still would have been good hockey :)
    Ja-mata TosaInu


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