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Thread: RTR Project: Imperial Campaign v0.5 Released!

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    Default RTR Project: Imperial Campaign v0.5 Released!

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    Hello and welcome to the newest installment of Rome Total Realism on the RTW engine. Even though we are far from being finished, we thought that we would release our first full version out for you all to have some fresh RTR fun! This version is considered a BETA so a lot will be changed, so do not worry about what is in and what is not in. Just play, and have fun while we continue development. Even though it is a BETA, each function of the game is fully working so it will not feel like most BETAs. We wouldn't release this if it was missing a key component!

    About Us

    The RTR Project is made up of a group of modders and enthusiasts who love Greco-Roman history and also enjoy playing and modding Rome Total War. We are a brand new team, made up of people from around the world with different skills and abilities. We seek the common goal in making the game more historical and realistic. We are growing in number just about every day and our hope is to re-establish a Rome Total Realism community while working on this project. Our hope is that Rome Total Realism developers and players, of past versions and this version can come together and effectively do great things with this mod! Also we hope fans will be able to experience a very in-depth mod in regards to both history and game play.


    In our first version the player will notice a lot more visual changes to the game than anything. We wanted to get most of the visuals implemented before we went into the game mechanics and started working there. Every unit has been re-skinned, and just about every faction has new faction symbols and banners. There is a new very in depth campaign map with new textures and models giving it life. RS2 Environments combined with custom lighting make each battle feel as if it was real. Every unit has had their stats adjusted realistically to make battles more historical and last longer. Also, you will notice little mini mods that compliment the big features. There are no new units and no new factions in this version but it doesn't feel like it when you are playing due to the map and the way units have been distributed. Do not worry, there will be plenty more to come, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you enjoy it!


    Q: Why isn't Spain called Iberia and Scythia called Sarmatia?
    A: No worries, it will be changed in the next version
    Q: Why is there still 4 Roman factions?
    A: No worries, it will be changed in the next version
    Q: Why aren't there any new units?
    A: No worries, there will be in the next version
    Q: Will there be new factions?
    A: Yes
    Q: Will the game be more complex down the road in regards to economy and government?
    A: Yes

    The Team

    Mausolos of Caria
    The Sloth
    Lord Drake
    Feanaro Curufinwe
    Aqulia Praefortis
    Hoplite of Ilis
    The Blade That Was Broken
    Ravagers Prey
    Principe Alessandro


    Player1 for his Bug Fixer Mod
    Hader for his All Factions Mod
    Sinuhet for his AI Formations 7.0 Mod
    MasterofNone (Dol Goldur) for No Boiling Oil mod
    Seasoned Alchoholic for pointing out that there is more than one ram type
    Wlesmana for his Projectiles sticking in Ground Mod
    The DTW mod team for the Sky and Walls
    DimeBagHo for his Forced Diplomacy Mod, and Night Battles tutorial
    Marcus Camillus for his Player Formations mod
    Lt1956 for his Fort Mod
    webbird for his Barbarian, Greek, and Egyptian skins
    warspite for his Pontic, Armenian, Numidian and Mercenary skins
    KALI for his Parthian skins
    GodZilla and Ferres for their Modding Legions Pack 1.3
    The RS2 Team for their environments and Settlement trees
    trillobite (Tspk91) for his RTR Faction Symbols and Banners
    The RTR 6 Gold team for their Faction Symbols, Banners, and Strat Character textures
    Prometheus for his Roman Strat Map characters
    limes for his campaign map textures
    RTRVII team for Settlement models
    Casus Belli team for siege and blockade models
    M2TW for Strat Map trees
    Beckism for his Loading Bar
    spirit_of_rob for his Seleucid Legionary Model/Texture
    Philadelphos for his RTH Map
    Pinarius for his Horse Mod
    alin for EB's Animations
    Prometheus for Res Gestae's Animations
    Signifierone for his animations
    Sleepysmoo and florin80 for their Wall Mod
    Barbarian Invasion for Barbarian Interface and advisors
    dvk91 for Greek Battle Map Advisor
    Iskandar for Naval Mini Mod from ExRM
    Maraxus for Hoplite and Phalangite model tweaks
    comrade_general - A little bit of everything in early stages
    Jubal_Barca - For allowing us to develop mod on exilian and hosting RTR.
    That Other Guy - Skinned a few units for us
    Lord Drake - Banner and Steam Installation Instructions
    Bercor - Amazing Unit Cards
    Kaweh K - for some banners and Symbols
    peterofnj - for some banners

    Download & Installation

    Without Steam:
    1. Download from either here: or here:
    2. Make sure you have a CLEAN copy of RTW 1.5 with BI 1.6
    3. Extract the archive to your desktop.
    4. Copy/paste the data folder to your CLEAN RTW directory.
    5. Overwrite ALL files
    6. Go to data/world/maps/base and delete the map.rwm and map_heights.hgt files
    7. Create a shortcut for BI and add this in the target line after a SPACE: -show_err -nm -mod
    8. PLAY!

    With Steam:
    1. Download from here: or here:
    2. Make sure you have a clean copy of RTW Gold in your SteamApps/common directory. Name it RTR Project
    3. Extract the archive to your desktop.
    4. Copy/paste the data folder to the RTR Project Folder
    5. Overwrite ALL files
    6. Go to data/world/maps/base and delete the map.rwm and map_heights.hgt files
    7. Go to your Steam Library and click on '+Add A Game' in the bottom left corner
    8. Select 'Add Non-Steam Game'
    9. Browse to the BI.exe in your RTR Project Folder
    10. Rename it to RTR Project: Imperial Campaign v0.5
    11. Go to Properties and add this in the target line, after a SPACE: -show_err -nm -mod
    12. PLAY!

    Hotfixes and Patches

    Hotfix: Corrects Briton Warlord CTD and adds installation instructions to Read me
    Link 1:
    Link 2:


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