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Thread: Can we kick Romania out of the EU, please?

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    Default Can we kick Romania out of the EU, please?

    Since Romania joined the EU, Stockholm, and Sweden, has been overrun by gypsies.

    They hi-jack cash machines, we now have road pirates, pick pocket gangs, and beggars all over.

    Seriously, there's not a subway exit without at least one gypsy there begging.

    Yesterday, I tied my dog outside the food store (on a small hill next to it)... I had only been in the store 30 sec, when a man came in and told me someone was trying to steal my dog.

    Yepp, a gypsy was there alright... Luckily my dog is rather known around this area (Big White Wolf), so people didn't accept it and acted.


    What the hell are we to do about this? With Romania in the EU, people from this sorry excuse for a culture has the right to be here for 3 months. Not that they only stay 3 months, it just means it's rather impossible to control them and send them away.

    I was vehemently against Romania joining in the first place. Now they have, things have taken a turn towards the feces side of things.

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    Default Re: Can we kick Romania out of the EU, please?

    Too late. Romanians don't want the Gypsies either, you're stuck with them now.
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    Default Re: Can we kick Romania out of the EU, please?

    Thread close in 3, 2, 1...
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