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Thread: questions about battle interface

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    Hi guys, Im new to the game and have a few questions about the battle interface
    1. how do you make the units flash red and yellow so you know where your/enemy units are during a chaotic battle?
    2. how do you move your army to a new location without making the army formation?

    thanks in advance for the help

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    1. Select them on the unit card at the bottom of the screen.
    2. You can select multiple units and move them to a location without putting them in formation. It can get sloppy, though. Use formations if you want them to stay together.

    Have fun. Is this your first Total War game?

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    Default Re: questions about battle interface

    Welcome to the Org OneiroConstruct.

    Thanks for the help NSC.
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    BTW, they also light up when you put the cursor over them. The yellow are your troops, the red are enemy troops.


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