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Thread: Just... No.

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    Default Just... No.

    Found this posted over at TWC. Saw this previewed on Rally Point of course, but the more I think about it, the more insane it becomes. What is going on inside those heads of yours CA? More fuel added onto an already raging fire

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    Default Re: Just... No.

    Personally, I have no use for this.

    However, I'm not sure why people are so up-in-arms about it. It's not like you can take UI developers and suddenly have them program siege AI or design a new politics system or remake the Grand Campaign with four years per turn. They are UI developers! They probably had a lull in their schedule and suggested that this was something cool they could do, kind of a proof of concept for future game design. We are not going to be using mice forever you know.

    So the whole thing gets a big "meh" from me. It does nothing to add or subtract from work that could be done on the game. The UI isn't the problem.

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    Default Re: Just... No.

    It's just emblematic I suppose in my opinion of how off a rail CA is at this point. As I've said before, I don't care at this point. I can honestly treat CA as a historical event like id and simply play what they made in the past that's brilliant, namely imho S2 and ME2.

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    Default Re: Just... No.

    I don't see how this could be fun to be honest.
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    Default Re: Just... No.

    Good to see what their priorities are. If only CA could get their heads out of the warm, tight, brown, smelly places they are currently stuck in! They went from my favorite developer to the one I am the most disappointed in. They got so much going for them, but they just keep messing up.
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    Default Re: Just... No.

    Don't care about this feature at all. If I want to play a Total War game, I want to do it sitting down with a mouse and a keyboad and a screen and a nice comfy chair. I can't understand how anyone could want to play a game like this on a mobile device.


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