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Thread: More of the same building in a province

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    Default More of the same building in a province

    I read somewhere that the bonuses that apply "on recruiting" does add up if the same building is present many times in a province (i guess except for the armor/weapon levels) does it mean having more bronzworker / temple of the same type can be added up 4 times in theories? (for yellow buildings as they can be built only in capital that does not metter)
    Does it apply for all type of bonuses (domage/charge/moral and extra levels)?
    Does it apply for agent type buildings too? (if levels add up for example)?

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    Default Re: More of the same building in a province

    It would not apply for agent buildings, because as far as I know, you can only have those buildings in the province capital. I may be wrong though, I have not played Barbarian factions enough but for Greco-Roman factions, you can only have one of them. You can however spam temples and the bonuses do stack as far as I know. I don't know if they have changed this yet but I used this to my advantage when I gave the Scythians a try and made horse archers with huge amount of ammo.

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