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Thread: Earn Money with a Mod !

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    Default Earn Money with a Mod !

    Hi Guys, my name is Fabian im 22 years old and from Germany, ( so excuse my mongo english).
    Me and my cousin bought Rome Total war Gold edition in the Appstore of our Macbook Pro´s.
    We highly wanna play Campaign against each other until they release Shogun 2TW for Mac.

    So here´s the question, i read about several mods that help RTW getting Multiplayer campaign for Window. Is anyone of you who can make this mod work on our MacBooks OSX 10.9.2 ? If yes ? gimme your paypal data and i give u 50 € for this ! pls help us.

    greetings ,


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    Default Re: Earn Money with a Mod !

    As far as I know, a true MP campaign is not possible. What you can do is use the faction-switch script to get a hot-seat campaign. That is: you finish a turn, activate the faction-switch to your cousin's faction, and then let him play.

    However, both of you will still be fighting battles against the computer (even when fighting one another's faction), and diplomacy will be handled by the A.I. as well. I guess that's not what you have in mind?
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