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    Default Just some love

    Hi everyone!
    I just registered to say that i love Europa Barbarorum.I used to play RTR a few years back, before leaving total war for other games. Ads for Rome2 made me think back of the glorious RTW days, and i reinstalled the game, looking for good mods. And came across EB. HOW DID I NOT INSTALL THIS YEARS AGO. Best mod by far imho. Have since spent several hundred hours building several empires, tried most factions apart from the nomadic ones.
    So, yeah. Can't wait for EB2 :D
    much love & respect for everyone involved in this great project <3

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    Default Re: Just some love

    Once you've tried all the factions, it's time to start messing with migrated factions - ie taking an existing one and moving them somewhere else to simulate a different faction.

    I also came to EB by way of RTR and never left. Though I have started playing again after four years (and two children!) off.
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    It began on seven hills - an EB 1.1 Romani AAR with historical house-rules (now ceased)
    Heirs to Lysimachos - an EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR with semi-historical houserules (now ceased)
    Philetairos' Gift - a second EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR

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    Welcome! I came to EB from RTR too. But that was a long time ago now and I have never stopped playing EB!

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    Default Re: Just some love

    Agreed. I don't even want to guess how many hundreds of hours I've played. Greatly looking forward to EB 2. I've been lurking this forum for a couple years now, waiting for Eb 2
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