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Thread: Bosphorus heavy archer recruitment issue

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    Default Bosphorus heavy archer recruitment issue

    Hi guys; first time poster, but quite the huge EB fan here

    Just wondering if any of you have been unable to recruit the bosphorus heavy archer in your games? Ive searched as much as I could on the bosphorus heavy archer and it seems available to all factions(playing arverni currently), at MIC level 3, but I cant seem to recruit them in Mikra Skythia(and presumably anywhere else--I'll have the bosphorus peninsula conquered soon) even though I have a level 4 foreign native MIC and even though Mikra Skythia should include the bosphorus heavy archer in their roster. Was the unit modified to be more faction specific? was it removed from the game like the historically inaccurate goidillic units? Or is it just a bug I'm experiencing? Its too bad because I did want to try out "The Kretan archers of the steppe" as a superior counter to the foot archers of my future war with the sauromatae. Ive read posts on this forum about people using them in their armies, and I can clearly recruit the rest of the tier three units available to me in the bosphoran area.

    Please let me know if any of you can help

    Thanks for your time guys, and sorry if I accidentally posted this in an inappropriate place--or have wasted any of your time
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    Default Re: Bosphorus heavy archer recruitment issue

    According to the RV (which was for 1.1), you can't recruit them in Mikra Skythia. But you should be able to in the other places along the northern shore of the Black Sea.
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