The Org is going old school on May 15 and having a Medieval 2: Total War Re-release Party! So grab your installations disks or re-download the game if it is no longer on your hard drive and get ready for a trip down Memory Lane. If you haven't played M2TW before, here's your chance to play along with veteran players and find out what you missed. So check your favourite retail or online shop and grab a copy now.

New Total War releases are a community event. Everyone is playing the game and talking about it. However, once a new Total War game comes out, playing the older games becomes more of a solitary experience. The Re-release Party hopes to change all that. By targeting one game, we can play it together again - sharing our stories, strategies, tactics, questions, answers, AARs, and online match-ups once again in the M2TW forums. Whether you are re-visiting an "old friend" or playing M2TW for the first time, let's get ready to battle like it is the year 1080.

May 15 is a soft start date. You are free to begin play anytime before or after that date. The goal is to have as many people as possible playing at the same time. M2TW's expansions and all mods are fair game for this event. So prepare your armies and your computer for battle! We'll see you there.