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Thread: Got some new books

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    Default Got some new books

    My mon just hauled them over from the UK since i order them through And now i will get more since i won a gift card during my stay in Copenhage n. The books are:

    French armies of the hundred years war
    Armies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477

    both of these are rather thin booklets from Osprey publishing, but they are very detailed, well illustrated and offer a plethora of references. Reading them now makes me want to play Medieval 2 or CK2 (and maybe mod more history in) Another book i got was Medieval Warfare by Bob Carruthers and a few fantasy books. The historical ones have great illustrstions and images btw @druzhina
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    Default Re: Got some new books

    I have French armies of the hundred years war by David Nicolle. I have found quite a few coloured manuscript images of the b&w versions in this book.

    Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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    Default Re: Got some new books

    Interesting selection of books there guys. If you are interested in the period then below are my suggestions on finding more out.....

    Lt-Col Alfred H.Burne. Did an interesting duet of books by Wordsworth Military Library. These are called 'the Crecy War' and 'The Agincourt War'.

    Jonathan Sumption - Has currently wrote three books on the Hundred years war, these are fantastic books, each well over 500 pages and a great introduction to the period.

    Osprey are also a good introduction to the period. 'Henry V and the Conquest of France 1416-53' and 'The fall of English France 1449-53' are both excellent introductions into the period. Both of these are illustrated by Graham Turner, these have some beautiful plates. Turner is a great illustrator, I have one of his painting hanging on my living room wall.

    If you are more interested in Burgundy then take a look at 'The golden Age of Burgundy' by Jospeph Calmette. Finally Boydell press has an good series of books called Dukes of Burgundy. These give a detailed account of the four important dukes of Burgundy.

    As a final side, Bernard Cornwell wrote a good series of fictional books called the 'The Grail Quest' which centres around an English archer and is an enjoyable read. Anybody into 'Game of Thrones', should also read the originals by Maurice Druon called 'The Accursed Kings', this is set during the period of the 100 years war and starts with 'The Iron King', Philip the Fair King of France. The house of Capet was an interesting time in European history, not only were they the house of France but also had major links into the Kings of England and the Dukes of Burgundy.
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    Default Re: Got some new books

    Books are cool. Kudos if you can spot my ninja. Yes it's somewhat disorganised.


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