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Thread: Unlocking hardcoded limits in RTW through memory editing

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    Default Unlocking hardcoded limits in RTW through memory editing

    These two things seem to have been discovered at about the same time, in both M2TW and RTW, it is possible to edit what is stored in memory as the game is running to get around hardcoded limits in the executable.

    I wonder what EB might have been without so many of the limits in place. Is there anyone out there with the modding skills who might be interested in doing EB 1.3 with many of those limits gone?
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    Default Re: Unlocking hardcoded limits in RTW through memory editing

    there wouldn´t have been much of a diference what eb needed was to mod the .exe to make diplomacy work better and the ai have the inteligent part of its name not just the artificial one

    also the conection beteween the diplomatic strategic and batlefield ai to sync them up probably can´t be adressed here so you´ll keep getting those stupid ceasefire deals and then they attack you with just 1 single unit against a 20 stack garrisoned city forcing you to destroy them ...

    i bet it´s nice for a few mods and eb can probably benefit from the finds but it won´t benefit much i mean having 500 spies/diplomats/assassins should be more then enough even for the most talkative doublefaced sadist asshole of a player
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