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    We thought we should find out whom is the best relatively new player, so we decided to hold this proving grounds hotseat!
    This is where you will have a chance to prove yourself and the winner here shall receive a medal and 25 rep(and maybe a signature)!
    Only one player can win these prices, alliances are allowed, but not accepted as victors. This may mean former allies will have to fight against each other in the endgame, so keep this in mind!
    Only invited players can participate.

    Admin: Duxx
    Co-Admin: SoulGamesInc

    Factions where randomly allocated

    Lannister: Themzr
    Tyrell: Emperor of Hell
    Stark: Luume
    Arryn: Dead
    Greyjoy: MikauZora
    Renly: Ice Eyes
    Joffrey: Dead
    Tully: AdmiralThrawn
    Stannis: Dead
    Martell: joerock22

    • Pm the next player that it is their turn. You have 24 hours to play each turn before skip/sub.
    • 1 turn peace ( you may cross another players region, but must not end turn there or fight obviously. )
    • Destroying buildings is not allowed if the settlement is under siege or a far superior army is one turn away from the settlement. ( turn 1 excepted )
    • 2 forts a region/player and forts need to have a garrison of at least 4 units, to limit fort spamming a bit.
    • No assassinations
    • No bug abuse! When you think someone has used a bug report it here and the admin will look into it.
    • No sailing from a blockaded port without first defeating the blockading ships.
    • Armies must not be hidden in ships inside of ports.
    • No sallying forth in a siege to deny your besieger the opportunity to sack your settlement.
    • Post pictures of battle odds, involved armies, their banners and the results. It is advised to hide everything else, especially the mini map and your finances.
    • Settlements gifted should disband all units save one. No gifting regions in a war zone ( bordering faction at war with, or under threat )
    • Armies defeated by a player (b) that comes after the original player (a)'s turn cannot move next turn, so if Tyrell defeats a Lannister army that army cannot move next turn. - Exception: Reinforcing armies standing in defenses, even if defeated, don't lose movement points. So player 'a' is allowed to move the army that reinforced another while in a fort even if defeated by 'b'.
    • Heroic victories are banned
    • It is not allowed use a princess to steal a general, unless there is more then 35% of success. (pics must be posted)
    • It is forbidden to kill agents (diplomats and princesses).

    Keep in mind that rules apply as usual, RP is very much encouraged. Everyone enjoys a good bantering Greyjoy and humorous Joffrey but stay polite with each other and dont start any flame wars. Player insulting will be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, you get one warning before being kicked out and possibly face forum penalties.

    Dont hesitate to contact Duxx or another person of the WTW gaming staff should you have any questions or problems.
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    Sorry I'm going to need an extension on this one. I've got my last assignment due for this semester.

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    Hey amigos!

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    The save is complete just need to upload it. The forum had maintenance and couldn't upload it during that time. Will be up soon.:)

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    Widows Watch Taken (overwhelming odds)

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    I have to say, I think forting is a good mechanic, but combined with Night Fighting it allows for some bulls#%t like what the starks are pulling at the twins :(.

    Martell up!

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    It's only for defensive measures :)

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    Martell? :)

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    I've asked Dux to sub or skip but he hasn't been on since the 6th. Seriously emrys is a real pain in the ass. Is there another co-admin?

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    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Tyrell Up!
    Emperor I think you need to teach your men how to swim

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    hello :)

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    Reminder sent, OP updated and I'll look for a replacement for Martell.

    1500 gold removed from Renly for having 3 forts on a single region. Please use this save -
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    Is Martell available? If so, I'd be pleased to take it.

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    It is yours, PM me when you're up and you will get a cleared save.

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    Cleared save sent to Ice Eyes. I'll try to contact EoH but if he doesn't answer me until his next turn I'll find a replacement.

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    Tyrell Subbed! Lanny diplomat bribed 1600

    Stark up! @Luume

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    Need a sub

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    And so the Iron King Theon Greyjoy and The King of Winter Robb Stark have met as brothers and as allies once more. Let the bastard King Edric know now what he is up against as the united forces of the North, The Iron Islands and all our allies shall bring down our wroth upon the iron throne.

    Greyjoy -

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    Please continue the hotseat over here -


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