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Thread: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

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    Default [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    The Ladder of Chaos

    Admin: MikauZora

    Factions and Turn Order

    King Aegon Targaryen of Essos - Yozza
    The Night's Watch, King Stannis Baratheon of Dragonstone - ThePhenix
    Houses Tyrell of Highgarden, Hightower of Oldtown and Redwyne of The Arbor - Drake123
    House Arryn of the Eyrie - zukazuk
    King Mance Rayder of the Free Folk - Reborn
    House Manderly of White Harbor - Rownage
    House Bolton of The Dreadfort, Hornwood and Winterfell - MrNoahSE
    House Frey of the Twins and Riverrun - Luume
    King Joffrey Baratheon of King's Landing and House Lannister of Casterly Rock - AdmiralThrawn
    King Euron Greyjoy of Pyke - TheBlackWolf
    The Others - Admin controlled for the moment
    House Baelish of Harrenhal - Axis Sunsoar
    House Darry of Darry, House Martell of Sunspear - Abstillion

    Current Kings, Queens or Claimants to the Throne:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - King Joffrey I Baratheon, King in the West
    - King Stannis I Baratheon, King in the Narrow Sea
    - King Euron III Greyjoy, King of the Iron Isles
    - King Mance Rayder, King Beyond the Wall
    - Queen Daenerys I Targaryen, Queen of Meereen
    - High Regent Mace Tyrell, Regent on the Iron Throne
    - King Aegon VI Targaryen, King in the Stormlands

    Defeated Factions, Houses or Kings:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    {Lady Arya Stark} Missing since the execution of Lord Eddard Stark, Presumed Dead.

    {King Renly Baratheon} Poisoned at the Black Dinner
    {Prince Beric Baratheon} Slain in his crib by Lord Hugh Grandison during the chaos that followed the Black Dinner

    House Buckwell - Slain during the sack of Antlers by House Darry
    House Brune - Slain during the sack of Brownhollow by King Stannis Baratheon
    House Blackwood - Slain during the sack of Raventree, the battle of Raventree and finally at the Red Wedding.

    {Prince Bran Stark} Flayed by Prince Theon Greyjoy
    {Prince Rickon Stark} Flayed by Prince Theon Greyjoy
    {King Robb Stark} Slain at the Red Wedding

    {King Balon Greyjoy} Fell to his death
    House Tully - Lady Catelyn Stark died during the Red Wedding and after being taken prisoner Lord Edmure Tully was executed by House Frey
    House Rosby - Lord Gyles Rosby succumbed to his injuries after the Green Wedding

    Faction Late King Renly Loyalists - Courtnay Penrose pledged for King Aegon Targaryen

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Standard Rules:
    - Pm the next player that it is their turn. You have 24 hours to play each turn before skip/sub
    - 1 turn peace ( you may cross another players region, but must not end turn there or fight obviously. )
    - No destroying buildings in an under siege settlement. At all other times it is allowed.
    - No bug abuse! When you think someone has used a bug report it here and the admin will look into it. Link to known bugs, 2nd paragraph
    - No sailing from a blockaded port without first defeating the blockading ships,
    - Armies must not be hidden in ships inside of ports.
    - No sallying forth in a siege to deny your besieger the opportunity to sack your settlement.
    - Post pictures of battle odds, involved armies, their banners and the results. It is advised to hide everything else, especially the mini map and your finances.
    - Settlements gifted should disband all units save one. No gifting regions in a war zone ( bordering faction at war with, or under threat )
    - Armies defeated by a player (b) that comes after the original player (a)'s turn cannot move next turn, so if Tyrell defeats a Lannister army that army cannot move next turn. - Exception: Reinforcing armies standing in defenses, even if defeated, don't lose movement points. So player 'a' is allowed to move the army that reinforced another while in a fort even if defeated by 'b'.
    - Heroic victories are banned
    - Destruction of buildings is illegal unless you have a valid role play reason for doing so

    Different Rules:
    - 2 forts per region/player (except for the Night’s Watch who may fort all along the wall in a single row) and forts need to have a garrison of at least 4 units, to limit fort spamming a bit.- No adoptions except for White Walkers, Night’s Watch, Wildlings
    - Players will be able to send ravens to minor lords and the admin (me) will act as the minor lords and will send return messages (so for example if House Lannister wishes to message Rickard Karstark or Roose Bolton to try and get them to betray the Starks I will negotiate terms with them and when the time is right that House will change sides. If you message some lords like Rodrick Cassel he will not join you and may even tell the Starks you tried to buy him)
    - The bank of bravos must be repayed by whoever holds King's Landing
    - Players may also seek loans from the bank of bravos and if the bank approves the loan will be granted
    - Assassinations are banned, instead players may message me who will act as the faceless men and for a high price I will kill whoever is asked
    - prisoners may be taken and advanced negotiations such as prisoner swaps will be handled through me (depending on certain events some prisoners may escape, be killed in prison or be set free by grieving mothers who want to swap the prisoner for their daughters)
    - Princesses can only marry a minor lord if the minor lord has been spoken to diplomatically and received a response from the minor lord saying yes
    - No one may make peace with the White Walkers

    - If you wish to send a raven to a minor lord please PM me and lay your letter out like this:
    Lord Rickard Karstark,
    "Please join me"
    Prince Doran Martell
    Some lords may not respond or will wait to respond
    Any important person you can think of in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe that may be contacted can be, even if they are not yet in Westeros (eg. The Faceless Men, Iron Bank of Bravos, Daenerys Targaryen)

    - If you make your lords chose between two oaths some may betray you eg. House Tyrell attacks Renly, some the Reach lords have sworn to King Renly and Mace Tyrell so some may betray Tyrell to fight for Renly, the same applies to family members that war with eachother.
    - Don't be surprised if one bad decision turns your bannermen against you
    - If a character does a certain bad action eg. Kingslaying, Kinslaying, violating the guest right Westeros will think badly of them and the character may gain negative traits
    - Story events may occur or Lords may contact you that will require the player to give a response to that event
    - Random unfortunate events may happen to people
    - You may not gift all of a faction’s settlements you are in control of to another House that you own just so you can try and bypass them from betraying you later
    - You may contact the admin to have me imprison, execute or torture a general you control
    - If the admin tells you to do or not do something it must be followed (eg. accepting diplomacy, not moving a character etc.)
    - Skagos and The Land Beyond the Wall settlements are out of bounds until I say otherwise
    - Players may not use any characters I have placed on Skagos in any way
    - Isle of diplomats near Dorne may be used but no one can bribe any diplomats down there
    - I will be using a random system to determine if defeated generals are captured in battle
    - Players may contact the admin to see which generals they have imprisoned and where they currently are
    - Players may either set free, ransom, banish to the wall (assuming they get there), execute or maim or torture a prisoner
    - Prisoners (especially tortured ones) may or may not provide information about their factions plans – certain prisoners know more than others and some will die before they give information out
    - Prisoners that have caused a bit of grief may be killed by generals
    - Players can tell me which settlement or general they would like the prisoner to be – if a settlement is defeated the prisoner may be rescued unless the prisoner is killed before the siege (captors choice)
    - Players can send a general or an army to the wall if they wish
    - White walkers can’t pass the wall or attack Craster's Keep whilst Craster is there
    - Wildlings can't pass the wall without taking a castle along the wall
    - If players believe they have a blood claim to a settlement contact the admin and I will see if it’s right, if you have a claim then that settlement might automatically join House Arryn. So be careful who you marry (eg. If all Karstarks except Alys die and Alys is married to Robert Arryn then Karhold will go to House Arryn – Stannis Renly aside – Some claims may be ignored if the claimant is female or unliked like Stannis
    - Some areas on the map will open up and some may close as the game goes on, at this stage only Skagos and The Land Beyond the Wall are off limits
    - Players may contact the Iron Bank of Bravos which may be loaned from but must be repaid with interest or else. Remember the Iron Bank shall have its due.
    - The Crown starts owing debt to the Bank of Bravos and the Faith of the Seven
    - House Stark, Stannis, Renly and Greyjoy have been given extra gold and must declare Kingship
    I may add rules and events – essentially I will be the impartial referee in this game
    - No mass disbanding of a minor Houses soldiers if you think they are going to betray you
    - You may not pass through Moat Cailin unless you own the castle or are allied to someone that does

    - Every action you take may have a future effect. This won’t just be who can win in battle but also who can win politically. Be careful not to fall into the “I’ve won every battle, but I’m losing this war” trap
    - Anything players can think of that could happen and message me about it I will see if I can replicate it in game
    - Role play is encouraged
    - This game is more than who can claim the Iron Throne, you have to worry about other things as well such as White Walkers and Winter coming- Characters have their own agenda and will take their own actions even if it means it may not be what you want eg. Tyrion banishing Janos Slynt
    Minor Lords may be contacted to ask for betrayal or the release of a prisoner, some may help others may tell their lord you tried to buy them – Minor lords will rely on past actions when they make a decision eg. how their lord treats them or whether the person who is contacting them has killed a family member or not

    - Rather than playing as a faction think more as if you are playing as an individual person.
    Picture yourself playing these people:
    - Night’s Watch, Stannis – Jeor Mormont, Stannis Baratheon
    - Renly - Courtnay Penrose
    - Tyrell, Redwyne, Hightower – Mace Tyrell
    - Arryn – Lysa Arryn (Until Robert Arryn comes of age)
    The Free Folk - Mance Rayder
    - Stark - Wyman Manderly
    - Bolton - Roose Bolton
    - Frey - Walder Frey
    - Lannister, Joffrey – Joffrey Baratheon
    - Greyjoy – Euron Greyjoy
    - Tully – Petyr Baelish
    - Darry, Martell – Doran Martell

    You control your generals but they can turn on you.

    We are using a new file too, this one is different, even if you've downloaded my other file you'll need to use this one now:
    Credit for this file goes to Badger-Dude, Matto16 and Korpskog and some to myself

    Hopefully this provides a detailed Hotseating experience for people.

    Happy Hotseating and remember, when you play the game of thrones you win or you die, there is no middle ground.
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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    Here is our new home. I'm still going through the process of making the OP look pretty so forgive me for the clutter for the moment.

    Lannister up:

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    Ready to play..
    Where should I post secret code ?: )
    Last edited by zukazuk; 05-30-2014 at 17:23.

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    It's still me!

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    Still me!

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    I'm here!

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    whatup g

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    Bonjerno Amigos! I can play my turn soon...

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    Alright sweet it's good to see you all here.

    No need for the code at this stage.

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    Lord Arryn summoned his bannermen to the Eyrie. They arrived and started to discuss possibilities. Lord Sunderland said "Stannis is loosing war, we must declare for King Joffrey." Joffrey is not the king shouted Robert. Lannisters killed my father and I won't join them he said. Soon Yohn Royce and Harrold arrived from the field of war. My Lords shouted Yohn. Joffrey means nothing to me nor Stannis neither. I have news of King Aegon Targaryen son of Rhaegar and Elia Martell. Aegon is dead shouted Lyn Corbray. Killed by Gregor Clegane during the sack of King's Landing. I have seen his dead body when our host arrived with Robert. I know, but Oberyn Martell young brother of Doran Martell claims that new Aegon is his nephew. Now loyalists claim for him in his war. Robin stood up and said "So we must decide between Stannis, Joffrey and Aegon". Stannis is loosing war repeated Lord of Sisterton. Joffrey is bastard of Jamie Lannister, He has no claim at all said Harrold. So send the ravens to Skagos ordered Robin. Our King is Aegon Targaryen from this time until the end of time. We MUST join Joffrey repeated Sunderland once again. Robin said "In the name of Aegon of house Targaryen, sixth of his name, King of the Andals, Rhoynar and First men, Lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm, I Lord Robert of house Arryn charge you Lord Yohn Royce to bring the king's justice to the false lord Sunderland, I strip him all ranks, titles, land, holding and sentence him to death. Bodyguards of Sunderland bared steel and they were killed by Harrold. Ex-lord of Sisterton flew from the moon door.

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    Woah a bit of creative RP there. Maybe contact me first before making such a bold RP. I'll let this one stand because I believe Yohn could remain loyal given this command but now that you've killed the Lord of Sisterton one of Tristan's seven sons is calling you a murderer and has been named the new lord. You have lost control over that settlement along with a few men and possibly ships.

    The new Lord of Sisterton sends a message to all Kings and high lords of Westeros offering his allegiance in exchange for Lord Robert Arryn's head.

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    I had only sailors from that settlement. It meant nothing to me. Tristan Sunderland Lord of Sisterton was traitor and he died for not obeying my order. Any liege lord would act like I did. He wanted to join Joffrey and he will join him in the hell.

    Lord Robert Arryn.

    P.S My men don't feel cold in the Eyrie(or how it spells) :D When it will be sealed?

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    Your next turn the Eyrie will be closed off for good.

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    I now arrive to hear that the Arryns have betrayed me?

    This is grave news indeed. And losing the war? My Bannermen, the Tyrells, have taken King's Landing and secured the Crownlands from the incestuous wretch, Joffery.

    Lord Arryn is a traitor to the crown and to the house he swore to uphold. His life is now forfeit, though I will not hold the actions of his banners against them for the time being. They are just in following his commands, faulty as they might be.

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    If supporting rightful king means treason then I am traitor. My banners all agreed to join Aegon.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If supporting rightful king means treason then I am traitor. My banners all agreed to join Aegon.

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    This is seradam. I changed my name, so it's Yozza now.

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    Greyjoy up!

    I'm not sure what his user name is on this forum so I haven't sent him a PM. Does anybody know what it is?

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    Apparently TheBlackWolf is going to be away for two weeks so I subbed him.

    Baelish up

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    I will take the damn boltons!

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    Alright, welcome aboard then.

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    Thank you sir

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    I'll be leaving this, sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I'm just trying to find a new player for Martell and Tyrell so that we can continue this game. If it takes me too long I'll just sub Martell.

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    Last edited by ProtoKyzer; 06-04-2014 at 14:00.

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    I'm willing to join temporarily as Tyrell, as none of my other hotseats are moving. In a few months, though, i'll be headed to basic training for the US Navy.

    I've got the descr_strat, the mod being used seems to be Fire and blood, but what is this "other file" mentioned?

    Just clarify all of this, and you've got your man

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    If you want I can sub Tyrell and Martell. After all, I am babysitting his son for him ;).

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    Default Re: [HS] The Ladder of Chaos

    I am setting up the save in just a moment for Martell, i am his replacement, but has to first be sat on the right foot with everything, also as this HS is more complex than what i am used to :)

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    Targaryen up!
    The spears of Dorne has been shaking in the moment of the newcoming player. The dornish men have taken two castles, including the strong keep of Storms End and Poddingfield. Stannis have had a loss this time, and may have another one soon, as the spears of dorne have besieged Bronzegate.
    Pictures can be posted later if requested, but i will upload them tomorrow, its getting late here ;)

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    Thanks for the offer Rhaegal but I've got it covered. Good luck in the defence force.

    I've found new players for Tyrell and Martell which I will add to the OP now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhaegal View Post
    I'm willing to join temporarily as Tyrell, as none of my other hotseats are moving. In a few months, though, i'll be headed to basic training for the US Navy.

    I've got the descr_strat, the mod being used seems to be Fire and blood, but what is this "other file" mentioned?

    Just clarify all of this, and you've got your man
    Good luck in the Navy! You won't be stationed in San Diego by any chance?

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