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    Wrath of Kings

    Westeros is on the brink of war. Prince Davos of House Durrendon has been brutaly mutilated by the Ironborn and his young Arryn wife passed around like some common camp follower. House Arryn and Durrendon are up in arms, bound together by the desire for vengance. Meanwhile in the south House Lannister and Gardener stands netural, while House Martell has launched an invasion into the Stormlands.

    This hotseat uses the Age of Kingdoms submod for AKORAH.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read:


    House Lannister: Black-wolf
    House Gardner: warlorddavid
    House Hoare: Nymeria
    House Durrandon: Rownage
    House Arryn: Narsils_Shards
    House Martell: zukazuk
    House Stark: Darkhawk764

    Admin: Axis Sunsoar


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read:

    Turn 1 Peace. You may cross another players region, but must not end turn there nor take any hostile action, like fighting or forting.
    Pm the next player that it is their turn. You have 24 hours to play each turn before skip/sub
    3 strike rule when it comes to a player being late. If your late 3 times with no warning, word or reason then you'll be replaced.
    Destroying buildings is not allowed if the settlement is under siege or a far superior army is one turn away from the settlement.
    3 forts a region/player and forts need to have a garrison of at least 4 units, to limit fort spamming a bit.
    No assassinations
    No bug abuse! When you think someone has used a bug report it here and the admin will look into it.
    No sailing from a blockaded port without first defeating the blockading ships, it is illegal to burn down ports in order to get around this rule.
    Armies must not be hidden in ships inside of ports.
    No sallying forth in a siege to deny your besieger the opportunity to sack your settlement.
    Post pictures of battle odds, involved armies, their banners and the results. It is advised to hide everything else, especially the mini map and your finances.
    Settlements gifted should disband all units save one. No gifting regions in a war zone ( bordering faction at war with, or under threat )
    For a princess to steal a general, there must be a 35% chance OR HIGHER. You must take a picture of the odds and the results to prove it.
    Armies defeated by a player (b) that comes after the original player (a)'s turn cannot move next turn, so if Tyrell defeats a Lannister army that army cannot move next turn. - Exception: Reinforcing armies standing in defenses, even if defeated, don't lose movement points. So player 'a' is allowed to move the army that reinforced another while in a fort even if defeated by 'b'. Addendum to the same rule: no sallying out of a fort\castle which has forces which were defeated last turn. This is to make it fair for those who come last at the turn order, because they will not be able to do this
    Heroic victories are banned
    No watchtower spam to prevent forting, admin will be the one to decide if it is or not so dont risk it.
    The recruitment of siege equipment and their use is strictly prohibited.
    If someone preforms a trick\move which isn't forbidden by the rules that the admin does not like, that action (if it should be allowed or not) goes to a vote and if more then half the players agree then that rule will become valid immediately. This goes for any loopholes a player may find, if you believe an action to be unlawful/possibly against the rules, consider it an illegal move and contact an Admin before making the move.

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    When do we start?

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    I messaged Axis on the other forum to post the save, I don't know if he got the message that we moved here or not

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    I have started it here, and the Lannister save is up


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