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Thread: fifa soccer manager 1997

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    Default fifa soccer manager 1997

    anybody still play it? I would like to discuss about this game..

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    A FSM 97 thread! I can't believe it! I've found somebody who plays this game!

    So much to discuss...

    Here's a starting point... I like to play the lowest league teams, then build them up by buying players and giving them no wages - they will still agree to the transfer!

    Another trick to get lots of funds is to buy players from lower divisions, then as soon as they join you in a higher division, their value shoots up and you can sell them right again for a big profit.

    Ah, the memories!
    At the end of the day politics is just trash compared to the Gospel.

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    haha thanks for your tips. I know both of them already, since first time play the game.thanks anyway

    btw,still talking about that second trick, I still remember last time I play this game. its 8 years ago while I still at elementary school. I buy player so easily ,those who valued less than 100 k, then sold them more than a million (except old player, who less than 1 milion but still above 500k)

    now I dont know whats wrong.nobody wants to come to my club for 12 month contract. I have to change it to 60 month. its so annoying ,since I buy so many player, And editing one by one really bother me. I try to win so many titles for 5 season, but still, nobody come to my club except I give them 60 month contract..

    whats wrong? my operating system?(I was play with win xp before, and now using win 7 with compatibility settings set to windows xp)

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Hmm, I'm not sure about that contract issue, since I prefer to go for long term contracts anyway, in fact 60 months is what I have come to use as the standard.

    Whether or not a player accepts your offer seems to be pretty random, although I've noticed if you raise the offer just a little bit you will nearly always have success - I guess if you just go for the standard amount and another club makes an offer, it is 50/50 between you.

    Now, here is a pretty spectacular squad, with what I find to be the most effective formation (this game really rewards direct, offensive play):

    At the end of the day politics is just trash compared to the Gospel.

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Yes that contract issue is so annoying. I buy many cheap player ,so I could sell them at high price, our trick to get many money in this game. It would be good if they would come for 12 month contract , so I dont need to change it to 60 month for every player except the one I sign for my player,not for sell back
    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyfelwyr

    No, I can't play it at the minute, but I was still playing it about a year ago. Whenever I try it on a newer PC, I have a problem where instead of going back to the menu after a match, I just get a black screen and the noise from the crowd continues.

    I'm really surprised you have it working on Windows 7. Can I ask what graphics card you have? Do you use some sort of compatibility mode? I would really love to get this game working again, in my latest campaign I was in the Champions League semis with Clydebank, lol.

    Not sure about improving those positions, but I think power (sub categories of strength, stamina and fitness) would matter a lot for defenders.

    It is tricky to get good left/right midfielders. I've posted the stats of my players below, and only Zidane and my defensive midfielders make good R/L midfielders (Zidane has 82 in R/L midfield). This suggests that defensive stats are more important than attacking ones:

    Couple of quick fun points/tips and question:

    1. My favourite moment is when my goalkeeper scored from a goal kick, I've seen that happen twice now.
    2. I hit the crossbar once. Out of all the many, many hours over many years playing this game, I have seen the ball hit the crossbar on that one occassion.
    3. Have you ever seen a player score from one of those headers where they bounce their header off the ground (even from about 40 yards out, lol)? I've only seen it happen once when I edited a players stats to give him max everything.
    4. Always sign Romario and Bebeto as soon as possible - two of the best strikers in the game and you usually get them really cheap.

    I still can't believe I've found somebody who plays this game!
    talking about the compatibility, here are my answer:

    1.about match problem
    this is happen to me also. In windows 7,seems that we would never can see full match. except, if you are stop the match before it finished. I used to hit alt+f4 at 88 minutes , then the match ended normally
    because of this, I rarely view next match. instead, I just use the instant one.
    my graphic card is nvidia geforce 740m

    do you use 32 bit or 64 bit windows 7?
    the compatibility mode, just right click on your game short cut,and choose properties,then do this one

    if the screenshoot didint appear,try this link

    btw, do you know how to improve awareness? I found out this is one of the difference between my 85 rating left back with my 79 rating right back

    3.about goal keeper score from goal kick
    lol,this happen when the goal kick is so long. until today, It just happen once at me. especialy because now Im so rarely viewing full match. I always ask my goal keeper to do long ball and shot on sight,but i dont think this really help

    4.About hitting the crosbar
    I never ever hit that crossbar! you are really lucky!

    5.about long header
    yeah I understand that. but if you look at youtube, you can find the player on chinese who score with header from middle of the pitch. on the game,my player sometimes do that,but none of them score a goals :(
    that video even longer than the fifa :) so funny
    P.S ,that one, is not the one I mention. THe one I mention is really from chinese ,the goalkeeper kick the free kick inside his own pinalty area,and the oposite centre back quickly head the ball soon after the ball got him. unfortunately I didnt find the fideo
    edit ,I found it, but actually its not chinese,its japanese
    6.well I didnt notice that.Im used to loan kanchelkis,nadal,and romario. most of the time failed to loan nadal. I didnt notice that bebeto ,thanks !

    btw do you know loan tricks? I have loan tricks that would made you loan player for 5 year!

    how to improve power?
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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    btw this is my first team

    if you ask,why there are rarely star player,thats because my mission if to play with young guns,who currently I train like hell

    abandon that 40 rated strikers. I buy him cheap and plan to sell him
    below them, still I have Anelka, Zamorano,Kanu ,not listed in screenshoot

    this is my mission that I cannot finish

    1.convert roberto carlos and gary nevile into good wing back
    2.convert beckham and zanetti to become good side midfield

    what I mean good is rated at least 89
    I dont know how to create good wing back and side midfield :(

    do you understand what those training for?

    1.weight training
    3.five a side match

    I wonder what they are created for

    also,what training would improve dribling stats?
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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Dat squad... those names...
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


    Been to:

    Swords Made of Letters - 1938. The war is looming in France - and Alexandre Reythier does not have much time left to protect his country. A novel set before the war.

    A Painted Shield of Honour - 1313. Templar Knights in France are in grave danger. Can they be saved?

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Whoa what a thread lol. just found this after couple of year

    Anybody got training tips? I have no idea how to increase my player's rating for each position, except goalkeeper

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    I find it quite endearing that so many people play the old games. My favourite one is Football Manager 2007.

    FM2007 was special.

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    I'm still playing this game since i first got it back in 1997, the disc version stopped working but came across the digital version on a website that works on windows 10 !! Happy days !!

    A few years ago a came across a site that did an editor but can't seem to find it, does anyone know ?

    Top tip for goalkeeper training - train on GK for 7 days it will shoot up form 70 to 80+ in 2 seasons.

    I once found a web page that had a full print out for training players which gave each individual activity to train a specific skill, this was a few years ago and i have forgotten what site it was does anyone know ?

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Hiya, after years of playing i finally have the secret to increasing player ratings.

    Have a couple of seasons just normal playing with the squad you start with plus a few additions.

    The 3rd season you want to go for 17-19 year old players on each position, if in the top league go for 70+ rating

    Train these players everyday in this order

    5 a side - physio - 5 a side - physio -5 a side across the seven days

    and goalkeepers

    GK - GK across the seven days

    leave these players training in the background for 2 seasons, do not use them in match day squad

    If for example you get a 75 rated 17 year old player after 2-3 seasons he will be at around 82+ rating

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    Default Re: fifa soccer manager 1997

    Make a copy then open your savegame with a hex editor. The file is large and scroling is impossible. Use "search memory" and search for one of your players last name. Be sure its a unique last name. Now you have found him and all your other players in the hexcode. From the first letter of a players last name (including his first letter) you count 23 spots. Spot 23 is the first ability of the player followed by 23 other abilitys. Edit all those 24 spots. 99 is not the highest stat. 150 is the highest stat. Save the savegame file. Start the game. You have now a player with 150 in every skill. Edit the whole Team and you almost never loose a game ever again. I use cheatengine to open the savegame files. You can also edit the names of the players if you want to.
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