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Thread: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

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    Default Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Philadelphos Productions proudly presents Rome Total History 1.6.

    Version 1.6 is by lenghts the best RTH so far, with many improvements that make the game a real challenge. Enter Rome Total History to experience the ancient world of Hannibal and Caesar like you never did before!

    Installation is easy, so try it out!

    Download from one of the following sites:


    Important Improvements:
    - Permanent forts implemented, 76 forts made permanent
    - DimeBagHo's Force Diplomacy Modification added
    - RS Battle Environments implemented
    - Sinuhet's AI formations version 7.0 implemented
    - Three new Battering Rams added for different cultures
    - Huge expansion of ancillary system (430 new ancillaries)
    - Complete revision of ancillary graphics (680 individual thumbnails)
    - Complete revision of ancillary triggers
    - Many ancillaries capturable by city conquest
    - Night battles enabled
    - Major map improvements regarding climates and vegetation
    - New loading screens drawn from historic paintings

    Bug Fixes:
    - Bug regarding Cappadocian Hillmen fixed (battle in Mazaka)
    - Fixed textures for Indian Spearmen

    Minor Adjustments:
    - New character traits added (wounded/lame/paralyzed; sleeper)
    - Recruitment time for spies raised to two turns (for better game stability)
    - New buildings in Nubia (Nubian Tombs)
    - New buildings in Massilia (Lacydon)
    - New buildings in Galatia (Drynemeton and Tetrarchy)
    - New buildings in Cyrenaica (Pentapolis)
    - Added more rebel units in Asia Minor and Phoenicia
    - Port of Crete relocated to Cnossus; previous port Cydonia is now a permanent fort
    - Port of Cyrenaica relocated to Apollonia
    - Port of Libya relocated to Berenice, the former port site of Cyrenaica
    - More forts in Crete (Hierapytna) and Cyrenaica (Barca)
    - New permanent forts in Cyprus (Citium, Amathus) and Phoenicia (Arados)
    - New permanent forts in Galatia (Tavium) and other parts of Asia Minor
    - Eastern Mediterranen Climate introduced
    - Winter map with more articulate snow areas (no snow in river valleys)
    - Better trees on strategy map
    - Strategy map improved
    - Minor map improvements in Cappadocia and Armenia Minor
    - Added resource silver in Ilergetum (Osca)
    - Added building caravans for Seleucids, Egypt, and Carthage
    - Added Temple of Magna Mater for Rome
    - Added new gods and temples for Scythia and Dacia
    - Added school buildings for Barbarians (Folklore Circle, Greek Teacher)
    - Added new construction pictures
    - Added more historic events


    The most evident improvement over previous versions is the inclusion of battle environments from Roma Surrectum. The new realistic battle fields have a much more intriguing impact, producing a quite different game experience in the forests of northern Europe, as well as in the Mediterranean scrub and the Eastern deserts. A complete new environment has been added in the Eastern Mediterranean with Lebanese cedars and similar trees.


    The new environments have also a strong impact on the look of the strategy map which is improved in many parts, especially with the animated sea, more articulated snowy areas, and different vegetation.


    80 loading screens have been added which will be displayed each time you start or exit a battle. These high quality pictures are drawn from historic paintings (David, Maccari, Alma-Tadema, Gerome, Foltz, Millmore) and other sources.


    The biggest work was done on the ancillary system. While the previous installments were a bit underwhelming under this aspect, the situation is now completely changed, as the ancillary system has been completely revised. The number of ancillaries has been more than doubled, with 430 new figures, each with its individual high quality thumbnail. There are many specific priests or magistrates as well as unique historic figures. Ancillary triggers have been completely overhauled and adapted to the wide range of new buildings available.

    Lots of new triggers were added, and in particular there are many ancillaries that can be acquired by conquest, including a number of Diadoch princesses and noblewomen. If you conquer a specific town, these ancillaries will join your party as a prize for the conqueror. For example, when you conquer the city of Alexandria not too early in the game, there is a good chance that you capture Cleopatra VII. Before she becomes available it might be Berenice II or Arsinoe. In a similar manner, in Antioch Laodice or Stratonice are waiting. In Rome you might capture Julia, the daughter of Caesar, in Utica Sophonisba, in Epirus Olympias, in Pergamon Apollonis. In Aetolia the Strategos of the Aetolian League might join your party, in Thessaly the Tagus, in Cappadocia you might capture the king of that country, in Scodra queen Teuta, and in Massilia a member of the mighty Protiades family. In Syracuse you can save Damarata and Harmonia from their cruel fate.

    Half of the cities in the game hold such a specific surprise, but of course they are not always available. However margins have been chosen quite large. So you will not be able to capture queen Teuta only in the 20 years of her actual reign, but at least a decade earlier and several decades afterwards.

    To maximise your chance to capture these historic figures you should make sure that the leader of your attack has at least three or four command points, because that is often a condition.

    Many historic events and figures are cross-referenced. That means, when you read the news about the Jewish tax collector Joseph, he is most likely bound to pop up in Jerusalem not much later. Or when you learn the story of the physician Dexicrates from Messana, he is already hiding somewhere, waiting to join your army as soon as you make it possible.

    More similar surprises are waiting around the map, each one referring to a specific historic event or data, except two or three fun entries, namely a huge Cimmerian and a strong Gallic warrior with a big nose.
    Those courageous warriors and beautiful ladies will certainly add to your imagination, since all the thumbnails have been newly created with high quality standards. Many of the ladies have been taken from historical paintings by Godward, Alma-Tadema and other famous painters.


    Another important improvement is the introduction of permanent forts. For the moment some 75 forts have been made permanent to represent minor towns on the map. This has been done by placing a residential spy inside the fort. These spies have zero movement points, and as a result the fort will exist as long as they live. With an average life expectation of 70 years, and most spies starting at the age of 18, the forts should be around for at least 50 years. In this time there is a certain chance that other spies are turned into sleepers, so that the place might even last longer. Usually the spies are not visible, but you can ask one of your assassins to check the fort and he will will tell you if there's an agent inside. The assassin will also tell you the name of the fort, since the resident usually carries the surname of his town (for example "Oroissus of Cydonia"). To destroy a permanent fort you need to kill the residential spy, and this is another reason why assassins have become more important in the game.


    Due to the introduction of a new character trait it is possible that your general remains wounded after a battle or an assassination attempt. In this case you better send him to a settlement with a hospital or a temple of healing, because otherwise he risks to remain permanently invalidated, resulting in reduced movement points.


    Sometimes when you enter a fort it may happen that your general falls deeply in love with a local beauty and looses all his militry initiative. This has been done to create even more permanent forts during gameplay, as computer generals remain stuck inside the fort (while the human player can use some trick to liberate his general from the spell).

    If this happens to one of your generals and he remains blocked with zero movement points, you can move another general to the same spot and transfer the love object. The new general will now be able to abduct the lady to wherever he pleases. His comrade will mourn the loss for the rest of the turn, but the next turn he will recover his usual movement points. However now the second general will have fallen in love with the lady. Therefore you should choose well where to abduct her, because your general is bound to stay with her until he is liberated himself. The best will be to assign the lady to an old governor who wants to rest his bones in a comfortable city without moving anymore. Married men, leaders with more than four command points and men with certain character traits ("girl crazy", "perverted", and similar) are excluded from this experience.


    By popular demand, Force Diplomacy is now available.
    How to use Force Diplomacy in a campaign:
    1. Press Esc
    2. Go to Game Options
    3. Tick the box for "Reset Advisor" and continue back to the campaign map.
    4. Engage the diplomacy window with another faction via a diplomat.
    5. Click the "?" in the top right hand corner of the diplomacy window
    6. The advisor will appear. Click "show me" and then click the advisor's face to make it go away.
    7. Select the offers/demands as required.
    8. Offer these to the AI faction. It will accept them.
    - This process must be repeated each time that you would like to force your diplomatic actions on the AI.
    - The AI cannot agree to demands that it physically cannot carry out (e.g. it cannot give you money it does not have).


    To install the game you need a vanilla version of Rome Total War upgraded to versions 1.3 and 1.5. Unzip the file with Win RAR and move the folder RTH into your Rome Total War folder besides the original Data folder. Do the same with the “Rome Total History mod” launcher and eventually open properties to correct the destination path. Use the launcher to start the game.

    This is a tested version. I’ve played it for months and it appears to be very stable. If you find any problems please report them here.

    Instructions for NON Steam users:
    1. Download RTH 1.6
    2. Extract the files using winrar and move the folder RTH into your Rome Total War directory
    3. Create a shortcut of your RTW.exe and move it to your desktop
    4. Rename the shortcut to "Rome Total History"
    5. Right click the shortcut and go to properties. In the target line after all quotations, add -show_err -mod:RTH

    Instructions for Steam users:
    1. Download RTH 1.6
    2. Extract the files using winrar to "programfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/RomeTotalWarGold
    3. Go into your steam library and right click Rome Total War, then go to properties and click on "Set Launch Options"
    4. Put -show_err -mod:RTH
    5. Optional: Create a desktop shortcut

    Enjoy and spread the word!

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    In the next days I will post some screenshots to illustrate the new features.

    This is a shot of Greece with permanent forts and new animated sea:

    Among the forts you can recognize (clockwise, starting in Crete):
    Hieropytna, Kydonia, Tegea, Mantineia, Messene (Ithome), Elis, Naupactus, Elateia, Dodona, Phoenice, Cassandrea, Amphipolis, Philippi, Abydos, Perinthus, Nicaea, Prusias, Doryleion, Laodicea, Magnesia/Tralleis, Samos, Andros, Oreos

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Here are some excerpts from previous announcements to add further illustration:

    Adjustments in RTH 1.5:
    - Bug fix regarding missing texture for unit Tocharian Cavalry
    - Corrected missing description for Galatian Horseback
    - Corrected bugs in building trees
    - Minor map changes in Asia, Osroene, Cilicia, Pamphylia and Pisidia (lakes, road Sardes-Side)
    - Improved sea lanes around Crete
    - Important adjustments regarding trade benefits (more land trade, less sea trade)
    _ Improved trade for Massilia, reduced trade for Greece
    - Important adjustments regarding benefits from temples
    - Improved population loyalty in India and Asia in general
    - Reduced frequency of many mercenary units
    - Added rebel leaders in Mantineia, Media and Commagene
    - New forts in Etruria, Asia, Sophene, Osroene and Palmyrene
    - Historically matching temples in most regions
    - Added more specific temple gods (Hekate, Atargatis, Hadad, Zeus Stratios, Pontus, Men, Eros, Enyo, Ma, Bel, Reitia, Bonchar, Varsutina, Vertumnus, and more)
    - Added more Egyptian Gods (Ra, Ptah, Hathor, Bastet, Sobek, Hermanubis, Maat, Thoth,, Seshak, Khnum, Taweret, Apophis)
    - Learning programme for Egyptian gods (graphics from Wikipedia, users Jeff Dahl, Gunkarta, a.o.)
    - Added building Statue (Leonidas, Themistokles, Philipp II, Alexander, Seleucus, Ptolemy, Hanno, Brutus, Camillus, Buddha)
    - Added more specific buildings (Pergamon Altar, Apadana Palace, Temple of Planets, Statue of Nike, Slave Market, Aetolian League, Pentapolis, etc.)
    - Character changes (Scythia: trader genghis; Eastern Kingdoms: fortified napoleon; Germans: bureaucrat mao; Rebels: fortified smith)
    - Added more historic events
    - Hundreds of minor corrections and improvements

    The biggest work has been done regarding the temples. If you start a new game you will now find a specific temple in almost every region and town. In the civilized areas this will usually be the definite building as in 280 BC, and in the most prominent cities you 0even have more than one or two. In the developing areas you'll find a shrine that later became a famous temple, and in the Barbarian regions you'll see a stone to a god worshipped by the specific tribe in question. Often the description of these buildings will add interesting details to the history of the region/town/tribe. Thus your military campaign will also be a kind of sightseeing tour exploring many wonders and curiosities of the ancient world.
    Specific attention has been dedicated to the Egyptian pantheon which is now quite complete including the most prominent animal gods. There are pictures showing the attributes of each deity so that the Egyptian player will automatically learn the entire pantheon and a lot about their mythology.

    A few screenshots:

    Nubian Tombs:

    Example from the Egyptian pantheon:

    The temple complex of Thebes:
    Attachment 12677

    The Synagogue of Alexandria:
    Attachment 12679

    The Old Temple of Bel in Palmyra:
    Attachment 12680

    The Lofty Temple of Marduk in Babylon:
    Attachment 12681

    The Ziggurat of Ur:
    Attachment 12682

    The Apadana Palace at Susa:
    Attachment 12683

    The Temple of Cybele at Pessinus:
    Attachment 12713

    The Artemision at Ephesus:
    Attachment 12684

    The Asklepieion on Kos:
    Attachment 12686

    The Acropolis of Athens:
    Attachment 12689

    The Altar of the Twelve Gods in Athens:
    Attachment 12685

    A statue of Leonidas in Boeotia:
    Attachment 12687

    The Island of Ortygia in Syracuse:
    Attachment 12688

    The Cothon of Carthage:
    Attachment 12690

    The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus in Rome:
    Attachment 12691

    The Temple of Janus in Rome:
    Attachment 12692

    The Rostra in Rome:
    Attachment 12693

    The Roman Senate:
    Attachment 12694

    The port of Massilia:
    Attachment 13252
    Last edited by Philadelphos; 06-20-2014 at 15:43. Reason: Who can teach me how to repost this stuff correctly without uploading every single picture again?

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Each city has a set of temples and other specific buildings that were actually present in ancient times. The description of the buildings often gives a short summary of the city's history. Here are some examples from Hellas and Magna Graecia:

    CORINTH with its two ports and the fortress of Acrocorinth
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0192_Corinth.jpg 
Views:	3473 
Size:	398.9 KB 
ID:	13318

    TARENTUM with its two harbors
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0193_Tarent.jpg 
Views:	1803 
Size:	420.9 KB 
ID:	13319Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0201_Archytas.jpg 
Views:	1833 
Size:	391.8 KB 
ID:	13320

    Even minor cities have precise temples. This temple of Hera can still be visited today (I was there last summer).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0196_Croton.jpg 
Views:	339 
Size:	413.1 KB 
ID:	13321

    The oracle of Dodona in EPIRUS
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0197_Dodona.jpg 
Views:	429 
Size:	448.7 KB 
ID:	13322

    MASSILIA with the port of Lacydon
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0174-Lacydon.jpg 
Views:	324 
Size:	404.8 KB 
ID:	13323

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    The following screens show how the Aetolians and Achaeans are represented in the game.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0203_Aetolia1.jpg 
Views:	1452 
Size:	340.5 KB 
ID:	13325

    DELPHI (in Aetolia with Thermon)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0208_Aetolia2.jpg 
Views:	1400 
Size:	416.6 KB 
ID:	13326Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0210_Aetolia3.jpg 
Views:	2199 
Size:	358.2 KB 
ID:	13327Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0211_Aetolia4.jpg 
Views:	1462 
Size:	296.9 KB 
ID:	13328

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0212_Synarchy.jpg 
Views:	1508 
Size:	390.2 KB 
ID:	13329Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0213_Achaea.jpg 
Views:	1666 
Size:	343.6 KB 
ID:	13330

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    One of the new loading screens:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0236_loading.jpg 
Views:	1184 
Size:	327.2 KB 
ID:	13393

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0265_Arretium.jpg 
Views:	378 
Size:	378.9 KB 
ID:	13424

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0260_Capua.jpg 
Views:	1704 
Size:	393.4 KB 
ID:	13423

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    More loading screens:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9999_screen05.jpg 
Views:	2721 
Size:	345.0 KB 
ID:	13429
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9999_screen08.jpg 
Views:	744 
Size:	358.0 KB 
ID:	13430
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9999_screen03.jpg 
Views:	587 
Size:	314.1 KB 
ID:	13431
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9999_screen06.jpg 
Views:	447 
Size:	253.6 KB 
ID:	13432
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9999_screen01.jpg 
Views:	1901 
Size:	208.4 KB 
ID:	13433

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    The Wonders of Babylonia:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0311_Marduk.jpg 
Views:	1014 
Size:	356.1 KB 
ID:	13625Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0312_Semiramis.jpg 
Views:	339 
Size:	322.3 KB 
ID:	13626Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0310_Ishtar.jpg 
Views:	454 
Size:	330.2 KB 
ID:	13627Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0313_Ur.jpg 
Views:	309 
Size:	332.7 KB 
ID:	13628

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Rome Total History 1.7 10th Anniversary Edition is out!

    Here is the download link:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Catilina_ad.jpg 
Views:	489 
Size:	397.4 KB 
ID:	14464

    And these are the new features:

    Improvements in RTH 1.7:

    - Corrected bug causing CTD with win conditions (50 regions)
    - Added missing text for Alan Steppe Riders unit card description
    - Implemented full compatibility for Alexander
    - Implemented partial compatibility for Barbarian Invasions
    - Added new building Amber Road in Eastern Europe
    - Added building Thing for Germans
    - Added building Slave Market in Capua (Puteoli)
    - Added Naval Base for Naples (Misenum)
    - Added more loading screens
    - Added more ancillaries
    - Added more characters
    - Added more permanent forts
    - Reduced growth coefficients for Athens and Byzantium
    - Introduced tax bonus for schools/academies
    - Numerous minor adjustments

    Changes in version 1.7 fall mostly under maintenance. A few known bugs have been eliminated and some minor flaws have been corrected.

    Graphically, 80 additional loading screens will delight the player with new beautiful views from the ancient world.

    Most interesting is the possibility to play RTH on the machines of Alexander and Barbarian Invasions for better stability, computer performance, and some additional features. Alexander has been fully implemented and tested, while BI may still have a few flaws. To play a new campaign under BI it is necessary to start a regional campaign. In Alexander you can start your campaign normally as Imperial campaign.

    For best results, we therefore recommend to play under Alexander, but RTW will be perfect too.

    It is also possible to continue your campaigns previously started under RTW with a different machine, but not vice versa. Once you saved under Alexander or BI you will not be able to load the same campaign in RTW.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Download the latest version here:

    Improvements in RTH 1.8:
    - Added new DTW wooden walls from Diadoch Total War (courtesy RedFox)*
    - Added old wooden walls as first level for Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians*
    - Corrected error that made Amber Road available all over the map (now only in north-eastern Europe)**
    - Corrected missing text for Viking Raiders
    - Unlocked over 50 previously blocked ancillaries***
    - Added more ancillaries
    - Restricted benefits from philosophy buildings (now useless for Barbarians)
    - Restricted bonus happiness for most temples
    - Corrected benefits from academic buildings
    - Minor map corrections in Greece, Italy and Sicily
    - Corrected forts in Judaea
    - Moved character Agathocles to Catana
    - Reduced Cretan Archers from 80 to 60 men
    - Reduced ammunition for onagers
    - Several minor corrections

    * The most important new feature of version 1.8 are improved wooden walls. These have been implemented by Aradan, using the building developed by RedFox for DTW.
    However not every culture has these walls: Barbarians and Egyptians still use the vanilla palisades and walls. Greeks, Romans and Carthaginians have also improved palisades, using the old wooden wall instead. If anybody wants to use the new walls for Barbarians or Egyptians too, please mail me and I will show you how to do.
    ** Due to an error in version 1.7 Amber road could be built in many cities without the necessary resource amber. Now the building is only available in the area between the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Baltic Sea.
    *** In version 1.7, due to wrong reference, a number of local ancillaries were never triggered. Now this error has been corrected and many additional ancillaries have become available.

    .................................................................................................... ....................................

    Rome Total History has been constantly improved to make the game more challenging and realistic. Installation is easy. Just try it out!

    Download here:

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    The following pictures offer a view on the new wooden walls:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0609jpg.jpg 
Views:	4758 
Size:	318.5 KB 
ID:	14614
    The city is Thessalonice
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0612lpg.jpg 
Views:	4340 
Size:	384.9 KB 
ID:	14615
    A view from inside
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0610jpg.jpg 
Views:	4425 
Size:	355.1 KB 
ID:	14616

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Aemilius_Paullus_ad2.jpg 
Views:	1836 
Size:	370.3 KB 
ID:	14617

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    This line of pictures shows the historic custom battle of Acrocorinth (243 BC)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0645jpg.jpg 
Views:	583 
Size:	273.4 KB 
ID:	14618
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0625jpg.jpg 
Views:	416 
Size:	251.7 KB 
ID:	14619
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0626jpg.jpg 
Views:	431 
Size:	176.5 KB 
ID:	14620
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0628jpg.jpg 
Views:	570 
Size:	227.3 KB 
ID:	14621
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0631jpg.jpg 
Views:	548 
Size:	218.0 KB 
ID:	14622
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0635jpg.jpg 
Views:	512 
Size:	248.5 KB 
ID:	14623
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0636jpg.jpg 
Views:	584 
Size:	251.0 KB 
ID:	14624
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0637jpg.jpg 
Views:	424 
Size:	249.7 KB 
ID:	14625
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0639jpg.jpg 
Views:	464 
Size:	238.1 KB 
ID:	14626
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0640jpg.jpg 
Views:	503 
Size:	283.7 KB 
ID:	14627
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0643jpg.jpg 
Views:	541 
Size:	253.4 KB 
ID:	14628
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0644jpg.jpg 
Views:	361 
Size:	246.7 KB 
ID:	14629

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    Default Re: Ultimate Experience: Rome Total History 1.6 is out!

    Philadelphos Productions proudly presents Rome Total History 2.0.

    We are proud to announce a new astounding version of our groundbreaking mod Rome Total History. With RTH 2.0 Plutonian Edition
    Rome Total War is approaching the outer limits of the system, reaching a new level of accuracy and playing fun on all platforms,
    including Barbarian Invasions and Alexander.

    Rome Total History has been constantly improved to make the game more challenging and realistic. Version 2.0 Plutonian Edition
    is the result of nine months of concentrated work. So you can expect huge news. The mod is now particularly recommended for
    students of ancient history.

    Download the game with over 700 beautiful loading screens in a separate file. Part one, RTH_2.0, contains the mod and is
    playable without the additional file, but it comes with only 140 loading screens. Part two, Add_loading_screens, contains the
    additional screens and must be downloaded separately.

    Download link to RTH_2.0:

    Download link to additional loading screens:

    Installation is easy. Just copy and play! If you like it, please leave a comment on the forum and spread the word!

    Rome Total History is the most challenging and historically accurate mod of Rome Total War ever produced.
    General features:
    - Starting year 280 BC
    - Best campaign map around with incredible detail for completely different strategy and tactics
    - 40 nations represented, including Epirus, Achaea, Bithynia, Bactria, Nabataea and many more
    - 199 regions with historic borders and cities with many historic buildings
    - Over 1000 historic figures represented each with exact character traits and family ties
    - Over 800 ancillaries, including many historic figures
    - AOR system with hundreds of new units, including mercenaries for each area of the map
    - Most mercenary units are bribeable and can be recruited in garrisons
    - More than 300 forts and minor settlements in strategic position or historic sites
    - Over 200 additional cities represented as permanent forts
    - New challenging walls for most cultures
    - 1000 different buildings with beautiful artwork and informative descriptions
    - Almost unlimited polytheism with hundreds of temples and gods
    - Historically matching temples and buildings in most regions
    - Over 100 land bridges for excellent computer performance
    - Rational road system with many historic roads and highways
    - Correct mountain passes for highly increased strategic options
    - Sea lanes designed for swift connections from port to port
    - Improved trade system with four additional resources
    - Over 200 historic events drawn from Livy, Polybius, a.o.
    - Custom battles: Thermopylae, Ipsus, Delphi, Acrocorinth, Siege of Syracuse, Caudine Forks


    Here is the list of improvements:

    1. IMPROVEMENTS in RTH 2.0

    - GENERAL CHANGES (see below for details)
    - Added almost 100 new buildings
    - Significant map improvements
    - Introduced supply line system
    - Added over 120 permanent forts for a total of almost 250
    - Implemented Signifer One's Animation Pack v0.8 Beta

    - Introduced supply line system *
    - Added new character traits Encouraged/Discouraged (Weary)*
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    * Supply lines are simulated by character traits. After operating for a few years in enemy territory a general and his army will
    become increasingly discouraged. Statistically this should start after four turns and reach its maximum after eight years, but
    certain events such as defeats or inconclusive sieges may accelerate the process, while important victories or conquests will
    reverse it. When an exhausted general enters a city and stays there for a while he should quickly recover and so will the morale
    of his troops. When a general gets exhausted or recovers from fatigue, the player will receive a message.
    - Added advisory message for character trait Wounded
    - Added character trait Healed with advisory message
    - Added new character traits Patrician/Plebeian for Romans
    - All Roman leaders correctly assigned to Patricians/Plebeians or Homo Novus
    - Roman sons will get historic Patrician/Plebeian trait at coming of age
    - Added trait Noctophilia to characters for night battles
    - Added more character traits for explorers (spies)

    - Added over 160 new ancillaries**
    - Added specific ancillaries for ports in exarchats**
    - Added many specific ancillaries to get in forts**
    - Added over 500 new specific triggers for ancillaries**
    - Increased defense values for ancillary Archimedes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ** Some specific ancillaries have been added to illustrate certain ports in irregular positions without a land connection to the
    capital, such as Emporiae, Tyras, Tylis, Pharos, Laodicea, and Mago. In these cases, when you build the port, the ancillary will
    turn up to explain how it was founded and why it was important.
    Similar has been done for a number of forts, namely Alauna, Samarobriva, Durocortorum, Cenabum, Bibracte, Vienna, Darioritum,
    Pompaelo, Salamantica, Ilerda, Verona, Bracara, Serdica, Tylis, Elis, Samos, Amastris, Gangra, Gordion, Tavium, Kotais, Arados,
    Byblos, Gadara, Philadelphia, Lynxama, Thamondocana, and many more. These ancillaries usually tell the name of the fort together
    with some interesting notion on the history of the place and maybe their personal story. To get these ancillaries it is
    necessary to conquer the fort with a general.
    Many other ancillaries have been added for spies reaching periferic cities of the game. Now it is a worthy deed to send your
    explorers to cities such as Thule, Kasia, Pattala, Ubar, or Axum, because in any case you can expect to make some interesting
    discoveries, extraordinary persons to add to your retinue or rare animals to present to your king and the people at home. There
    is also a number of famous explorers ready to do this, especially in Egypt and Nubia.
    Many ancillaries have been added for admirals, especially historic pirates and similar. Finally a number of ancillaries has been
    added for Pontus (retinue of Mithridates the Great) and Armenia (nobility titles).
    Some ancillaries have now veiled interests, which means they might stir up some unrest, but you won't know exactly, because you
    are only warned not to trust them blindly. To learn if the allegations are true and how dangerous they actually are, you need to
    test them.
    - Added more permanent forts for a total of almost 250
    - Added trait Immortal for resident spies in permanent forts***
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    *** This works only with Alexander. It makes the forts lasting for the entire game, unless the spy is killed or reactivated
    during a siege. However this trait is not featured on all forts to represent the fact that some cities were destroyed, or
    disappeared from our history radar between the 3rd and 2nd century. Unless you keep them permanently garrisoned, these forts
    will disappear when the immobilized spy dies. Those with an immortal spy will probably last until the end of the time frame, but
    only if you play under Alexander.
    - Added permanent fort Darioritum in Aremorica
    - Added permanent fort Aginnum in Aquitania
    - Added more permanent forts in Gaul
    - Added fort Tripolis (Byblos) in Phoenicia
    - Added more permanent forts in Armenia, Armenia Minor, Sophene and Atropatene
    - Added fort Apamea in Syria and fort Abila in Coele Syria
    - Added permanent fort Singara in Mesopotamia
    - Added more permanent forts and emporiums in Egypt, Kush, Nubia and Aethiopia
    - Added more permanent forts in Numidia and Zeugitana
    - Added more permanent forts in Caledonia
    - Added more forts in Dacia, Moesia and Getica
    - Added more forts and camps in Hibernia
    - Added permenent fort Luceria in Apulia
    - Added permanent fort Heraclea Lyncestis in Macedonia
    - Added permanent forts Cyropolis in Sogdiana and Alexandria Oxus in Bactria
    - Added better barracks and stables in Bactria and Sogiane

    - Added over 500 new loading screens for a total of 700****
    - Loading screens 141 to 716 in a separate download file
    - Loading screens containing nudity can be deactivated
    - New loading sequence and background picture
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    **** Due to the high amount of data, most of the new loading screens have been put in a different file containing 576 additional
    loading screens. This must be downloaded separately.
    To install the extra screens, unzip the file and copy the loading screens directly into the folder RTH/data/loading_screen.
    Warning! The loading screens 683 to 716 contain some nudity. If you feel offended, you can deactivate them by renaming
    loading_screen_683 to loading_screen_683a or something else. You can also cancel it or move the screens in question to the
    folder RTH/Data/loading_screen/nude.
    - Corrected some region and city names
    - Added land bridge between Etruria and Corsica (over Elba and Capraia)- Added land bridge between Apulia and Dalmatia
    - Relocated city and port of Tarentum for more precise topography
    - Moved capital of Getica from Tyras to Helis
    - Tyras is now harbour of Bastarnia
    - Moved capital of Caledonia from Alauna to Devana (near Aberdeen)
    - City of Gortyn moved one square down to southern coast of Crete
    - City of Tyre and fort Arados moved on islands
    - City of Sidon moved one square down, port moved from Tripolis to Berytus
    - Repositioned port of Sardinia
    - Moved port of Chalcidice (Thessalonice) to Amphipolis
    - Improved sea lanes around Corcyra
    - Added settlement type hillfort town for Thebes in Boeotia
    - Added resource tin in Aremorica and Gaditana
    - Added vulcans in Midian (Arabia Petraea) and Phazania
    - Map improvements in Phoenicia and Galilaea
    - Improved map in Middle Egypt's eastern desert
    - Corrected climate in Kush
    - Corrected climate in Spain (semi-arid in La Mancha and Extremadura)
    - Improved roads in Central Gaul between Lugdunum and Aremorica
    - Improved roads in Aquitania and Arvernia
    - Added more swamps in British Isles
    - Roads in Britain improved (Watling Road, Fosse Way)
    - Royal Forests in Britain (Epping, Sherwood, Dean, Inglewood and more)
    - More precise mountain passes in Helvetia and Alpes Cottiae *****
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ***** Passes over the Alpes include Little and Great St. Bernhard, but not Mont Cenis which was first used by Emperor
    Constantine I and previously unknown. Hannibal most probably took the Little St. Bernhard and thus it is possible to follow his footsteps precisely.
    - Added unit Mercenary General available as mercenary
    - Added leader Mercenary General recruitable with building citadel
    - Enabled Onagers for Spain and Gauls (after Marian Reforms)
    - Reduced Cretan Archers from 60 to 50 men
    - Reduced Scythian Police Archers from 60 to 50 men
    - Build time for gladiators raised to 3 turns
    - Build time for many specialised mercenaries raised to 2 turns
    - Reduced incidence of mercenary appearance all over the map

    - Rebel spawn increased all over the map
    - Added new specific rebel factions in Coele Syria (Itureans) and Galilea (Galileans)
    - Added more rebels in Spain
    - Added more rebel leaders in Numidia
    - Added more family members in Chalcidice, Armenia Minor, Colchis, and Scythia
    - Added more rebel leaders in Italy, Sicily, Peloponnese, Gaul, and more
    - Added Nitiobroges Rebels in Aquitania with two new leaders
    - Added more leaders for Allobroges
    - Added more rebel leaders in Byzacium, Colchis, Scythia and other places

    - Reduced building times for some buildings
    - Added many hundreds of specific building cards
    - Added building Harbour/Landing/Cove (previous to port)
    - Raised construction cost for ports, shipwrights, dockyards
    - Added building Nymphaeum for Greeks and Egyptians
    - Added buildings Bathhouse, Balneae, Thermae and Imperial Thermae
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    If the pictures are not showing, please check the original post on!

    - Added buildings Cisterns/Ponds/Fountains for Barbarians
    - Added building Thermal Springs for Barbarians- Added building Valetudinarium for Romans
    - Added building Large Aesculapium for Romans
    - Corrected benefits for medical buildings
    - Added building Forum Romanum for Romans
    - Added building Basilica Aemilia
    - Added buildings Marsfield and Stately Marsfield for Rome
    - Added building Victory Column for Romans and Carthaginians
    - Added building Triumphal Arch for Romans
    - Added buildings Temple of Fortuna and Temple of Luna for Romans
    - Added temples of Victoria and Iustitia for Romans
    - Added building Royal Tombs for Macedon
    - Added building Large Obelisk for Egyptians
    - Added building Barque Station for Egypt
    - Added building Great Canal for Egypt- Added building Great Oasis for Egypt and Numidia
    - Added building Labyrinth for Egypt and Crete
    - Added building Prytaneum for Greek Cities
    - Added building Sanctuary of Athena Chalkioikos in Sparta
    - Added new temple of Helios for Rhodes
    - Added building Huge Oracle
    - Added building Arabian Idol for Nabataeans
    - Added building Rock Temple for Petra
    - Added building Caravanserai for Carthage, Eastern, Egyptians, Numidians, Seleucids, Scythia
    - Added building Carpet Trader for Eastern factions
    - Added building Pillar of Ashoka for Mauryans
    - Added buildings Buddhist Stupa and Great Stupa for Mauryans (romans senate)
    - Added temples Buddhist Vihara, Buddhist Pagoda and Golden Pagoda in India
    - Added new icons and pics for Stupa, Vihara, Pagoda in India
    - Added new icons and pics for temples of Vishnu and Shiva
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Added building Temple of Apedemak for Nubia and Kush
    - Added building Large Slave Market for Eastern factions and Carthage
    - Added landmark Pure Mountain in Napata
    - Added building Nubian Temple of Amon in Napata
    - Added building Temple of Apedemak in Nubia
    - Added building Victory Stele in Napata
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Added landmark Alexander's Causeway in Tyre
    - Added building Temple of Melqart in Tyre- Added building Port of Caesarea
    - Added building Seleucia Pieria in Syria
    - Added building Pantheon of Mount Nemrut- Added buildings Odeon and Greek Theatre for Armenia, Bithynia, and Pontus
    - Added building Hippodrome of Byzantium
    - Added buildings Numidian Stele, Mausoleum, Burial Mound for Numidia
    - Added buildings Training Ground and Gamefield for Barbarians
    - Added building Fighting Pit for Barbarians
    - Added buildings Tumulus and Dolmen for Barbarians
    - Added building Hunting Ground for Barbarians
    - Added building Drunemeton for Gauls and Celtic Tribes
    - Added building Great Thing for Germans and Dacia
    - Added landmark Hill of Tara in Hibernia
    - Added landmark White Cliffs of Albion in Cantium
    - Added landmark Insula Parisiorum in Senonia
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Added building Stage for Gauls and Iberians
    - Added building Granary
    - Added building Lighthouse
    - Added buildings Horreum and Large Horrea for Romans
    - Added building Stone Quarry for Egyptians
    - Added building Tavern for Romans and Greeks
    - Added building Beer Hall for Egyptians
    - Added building Waystations for Carthage
    - Added building Persian Royal Roads for Seleucids and Parthians
    - Added building Summer Residence in Ecbatana
    - Added building Ishtar Gate in Babylon- Added building Tabernacle of Jehova for Armenia and Nabataea
    - Added new pictures for Temple of Jehovah
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Added third level for building Barbarian Stronghold/Castle/Hillfort
    - Added building Hillfort in Gergovia, Numantia, Noreia and more
    - Added building Sanctuary of Tamfana in Mattium- Added more temples for Germanic Tribes: Mannus, Magusanus, Hel, Zisa
    - Added temple of Coventina for Celtic Tribes
    - Added temple for Celtic Sea God Manannan
    - Added temple for Gallic Sea God Barinthus
    - Added temple for Iberian Sea God Oceanus/Poseidon
    - Added temple of Candamius for Iberian Tribes
    - Added more temples for Numidia: Lilleu, Gilva, Macurgum, Motmanius, Sinifer, Amphitrite, Baccax- Added more temples for Seleucids: Herakles, Hadad
    - Added temple Idol of Apis for Egypt
    - Added temple of Nane for Armenia
    - Added altar of war (Ares) for Pontus
    - Added temple of fertility (Hadad/Dagon) for Carthage
    - Added temple of governors (Dido) for Carthage
    - Added temple of trade (Kothar) for Carthage
    - Added many more specific temples to Barbarian cities
    - Enabled 4th level (awesome temple) for Barbarian main god and some more
    - New individual icons and pics for all Barbarian temples
    - New icons for Carthaginian temple of Eshmun
    - New icons for Roman temple of Quirinus
    - Better icon for Apadana Palace in Susa
    - Better picture for Dam of Mariba- Improved many other building icons and pictures
    - Added buildings Stables and Shrine to Candamius in Aracillum
    - Added building Tin Emporium in Gades, Massilia, Gallaecia, Dumnonia and Aremorica
    - Enabled building Stone Walls for Barbarian factions
    - Enabled building Execution Square for all Barbarian factions
    - Enabled building Royal Library for Seleucids
    - Enabled building Frankincense Road for Egypt, Seleucids and Bactria
    - Enabled building Silk Road for Seleucids and Bactria
    - Enabled buildings Caravan and Silk Road for Scythia
    - Enabled building Irrigation System for Eastern factions (needs river)
    - Enabled building Garden for Greek Cities, Macedon and Bactria
    - Enabled building Park for Bactria
    - Enabled building Temple of Athena for Bactria, Pergamon and Sparta
    - Enabled building (large) Temple of Cybele for Greek Cities
    - Added specific icons for Ortygia, Acrocorinth, Munychia, Miletus
    - Added building Temenos of Ephesus
    - Added building Oracle of Didyma in Miletus- Added building Sibylline Oracle in Cumae (Capua)
    - Added building Tavern in Capua and Naxos
    - Added building Ara Pacis in Rome
    - Added building Lost City of Helike in Achaea- More prerequisites for Amphitheatre buildings
    - Restricted benefits of Oracles
    - Added better barracks and practice fields in Macedonia and Thessaly
    - Added better barracks in Gaul, Illyria, Thrace, Dacia, Pontus, Syria, Numidia
    - Added more and better barracks at start for Macedon, Bactria, Gaul, Thrace, Getans
    - See more buildings here:

    - Added more specific event pictures
    - Added historic portraits for leaders (Pyrrhus, Ptolemy, Hannibal, Pompey, Ashoka, a.o.)
    - Optional change of Egyptian general portraits to Greek general portraits ******
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ****** To change Egyptian style generals and have them with Greek portraits go to the folder RTH/data/UI/EGYPTIAN and simply
    rename the folder PORTRAITS-Greeks to PORTRAITS.
    - Changed character Macedon to balanced napoleon
    - More hostile relationship between Rome and Gaul

    - Fixed battle editor
    - Fixed broken custom battles
    - Fixed minor issues in building tree
    - Changed culture in Raetia to germans
    - Corrected wrong temple in Paionia
    - Corrected wrong temple in Issedonia
    - Corrected wrong temple in Scandiae
    - Corrected wrong temple descriptions in Armavir, Armenia
    - Corrected wrong location of Temple of Ramesses in Abu Simbel
    - Corrected names list for Eastern Kingdoms (senate faction)
    - Corrected Carthaginian surnames
    - Added more Egyptian and Nubian names for Egyptian faction

    If the pictures are not showing, please check the original post on!


    What people said about previous versions:

    Quote Originally Posted by warhawk77 View Post
    My favorite part of RTW has been the strategic map movements and this Mod has reinvented the game for me. It's like an all new game, but still familiar enough to make the game easy to jump into. I can see me playing this for a long time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicov55 View Post
    It's been a month since I downloaded the mod and I really enjoy it. The variety of buildings, the polytheism, the building cards, ancillaries and special features, the individualized settlements are awesome and can only be found in this mod.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
    This is a great mod. Very stable. Lots of new units. More mercenaries. I like what you have done with the factions and the provinces. This is how Rome Vanilla should have been.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
    Looks interesting. I'll be sure to give it a try soon. I definitely like all the island settlements in the Aegean.
    Quote Originally Posted by kahn85 View Post
    Thank you! It looks and plays fantastic so far!
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Asukav of Epirus~ View Post
    Well I've always liked the mods that have the vanilla style, so far I see this meets and adds a thousand things more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Centurion1981 View Post
    I know I said this in the past with other mods, but this is one of the best mods I have played for Total War. I played the game for 5 hours last night up to the early morning and it was lots of fun. I will probably be playing the game for a long time.
    Quote Originally Posted by ggaabbrr View Post
    My God... You have the best artwork and best cozy looking map compared to all the mods I have tried. You are the best designer ever. Everything feels very in place. I feel 10x better playing this mod than EB, EB2 or others. Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Lanjane View Post
    This mod is absolutely gorgeous, every faction's starting position and family tree are so carefully thought up, so captivating. And buildings! Never ever in RTW I was so happy with managing my empire progress in detail. Thank you for such a brilliant work!

    Download here:

    and don't miss the additional loading screens:

    If you like the mod, please show your support. Leave a comment on the forum and spread the word!

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