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Thread: A feature I'd love: choosing how a unit fights

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    Default A feature I'd love: choosing how a unit fights

    This is a wish list item that I'm pretty certain is impossible within the M2TW engine. That being able to choose on the eve of battle how a particular unit fights.

    Note not every unit would have this option; generals and their bodyguard would be the most common. You could choose whether they fight on horseback or on foot. Obviously if on horseback you have some awesome cavalry. But if on foot, they'd give their own infantry a morale boost, since the general and the elites don't have the option of just riding away if things go bad.

    Furthermore, certain regular and elite units (not levies) might be able to fight in more than one configuration. For example, Pezhetairoi could be deployed either as pikemen or Peltastai (as Phillip intended, training his phalangites to be able to do both). Same goes for Hoplitai.

    It would mean greater tactical flexibility and give certain units just a little extra. Plus there's something cool about being able to choose, based on how you think the battle might go, whether your general is mounted or not.
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    Default Re: A feature I'd love: choosing how a unit fights

    This is actually possible with heavy scripting. You'd just need a supercomputer to run it.


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