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Thread: EB Crash: Koinon Hellenon Campaign

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    Default EB Crash: Koinon Hellenon Campaign

    Hello! New to the forums, just wanted to post in regards to an issue I'm having. I've started my second campaign under Koinon Hellenon, and after a certain turn the game appears to inevitably crash. It's always around the hundredth turn and always on SPQR's side.

    I've attempted the 1.2 quick fixes to no affect.

    (I've a link to my save file, but not enough posts to add it in yet)

    Edit: Should also note I'm playing on Windows Vista (32-bit), on Steam, and with Rome Gold edition.
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    Default Re: EB Crash: Koinon Hellenon Campaign

    Sometimes these crashes happen when a city goes rebel. Try to watch whether this is the case by using "toggle_fow" console command and if yes feel free to spawn some armies it the problematic city by using

    create_unit [name of the city] "roman infantry camillan rorarii" 1 1 0 0

    command until the public order goes to green.

    Hope it helps.

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    Default Re: EB Crash: Koinon Hellenon Campaign

    Thank you for the assistance. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but though I thought I had installed the game correctly the first time, after my recent install (just to be sure, I wiped my drive of the game and rome and re-installed it all) I notice the version actually change to 1.2, whereas I had tried to do it right the first time but it remained 1.1 I've applied the optional patches and it seems to be a proper install now.

    Sorry for the trouble, I still have that bugged save file, but I think it's best I continue with a new game and see if it occurs again, in which case I'll follow the above directions and see if it is indeed a rebellion to cause it.

    I appreciate your time.

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