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Thread: Javelinmen (portuguese and spanish faction)

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    Question Javelinmen (portuguese and spanish faction)

    After nearly 1 year playing, I have not seen the usefulness of javelinmen. They run away very easily and seem to take long to attack as well as Arquebusiers. Do you often use? If so, they are successful?

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    Default Re: Javelinmen (portuguese and spanish faction)

    use afghan javenlinmen and u will like them ala 9yr old girls looking at a twilight poster

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    Default Re: Javelinmen (portuguese and spanish faction)

    Javelin men are best used to shred heavily armoured expensive enemy units. Like Mounted / Dismounted Chivalric Knights or Templars. Let the enemy lock into fighting with a sturdy line of units, then circle round and throw the javelins at their backs. Two volleys will have them melting.
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