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Thread: Problem with running EB

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    Default Problem with running EB

    Hi, I have a problem, every time I want to run EB a message pops up:
    "Execution of command 'RomeTW.exe -mod:eb -show_error' failed (error 2:system cannot find the file.)"

    I have Windows 8 and the original game(v1.5) is instaled in 'program files(x86)', but I can run it just fine, so I'm not sure what is the problem.

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    Default Re: Problem with running EB should have the solution for your problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by XSamatan
    Modify the shortcut target. Move the end quote from the end of the line to directly after RomeTW.exe and it should work (goes for both the new shortcuts in 1.2). For instance, instead of "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe -mod:eb -show_err -ne" it should be "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe" -mod:eb -show_err -ne.
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    Default Re: Problem with running EB

    Thanks a lot it's working now, but I'm experiencing another problem, the game doesn't leave the windows screen.

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    Default Re: Problem with running EB

    The "-ne" bit makes EB run in windowed mode. If you remove that from the shortcut, it should run full-screen.

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    Default Re: Problem with running EB

    Hm, everything works just fine. Muchas gracias.
    I just want to ask, why windowed mode as default?

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    Default Re: Problem with running EB

    It is not the default, but if you copied that line in the quote (or copied the switches) then you'll get windowed mode.

    Since I always end up having people deciding to chat to me at the craziest of times, it is a lot more convenient to me that way, since Alt-Tabbing back and forth can cause the occasional stability issue.


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