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Thread: The best way to start?

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    Default The best way to start?

    Thinking back I think I started with the Julii so I pretty soon discovered the pain for a newbie that is Patavium. Then I think it was Gaul and Egypt, then a few others I abandoned quite early. Then I thought it would be better to try the Greek Cities and entire world conquest to learn as much as I could ASAP. I used my experience of fighting units from all the other factions to decide whether they had potential.

    1) What is the best Roman to start out with?

    2) What are the top three choices in the following categories?

    To maximise Denari.
    To reduce rebel appearances.
    Army structure.
    Faction units.
    To stop units that run amok from doing so.
    To cut devastation.

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    Default Re: The best way to start?

    First of all, it's probably better to post such threads in the general RTW forum. This one is supposed to be for faction guides

    Everyone has their favorite Roman faction...mine is the Scipii. Great starting position, some of the best temples in the game, and.....the Decere.

    Maximizing denarii is mostly a matter of gaining as many port cities as possible and getting the ports to dockyard level ASAP. Port trading eventually brings in more money than all other forms of income, combined. Don't build every single barracks possible in all cities until you are so filthy rich that you can do anything you wish. I generally have specialized recruitment centers that put out one or two particular kinds of units. Then I have my money use "trade" temples where available, don't recruit units from that city unless it's necessary, in order to maximize population, etc.

    The appearance of brigands is formula-generated by the game, but if you have v1.3 or later you can lessen the probability by altering a game file (discussed in the Ludus Magna forum).

    My army structure varies greatly depending on what faction I'm playing, but I'm a cavalry man and always have been. No matter which faction I play, I eventually create cavalry-heavy armies, or with some factions, all cavalry armies. Isn't always historical, but it's more fun for me. I try to use units that utilize a factions strengths....Armenia's Cats, Roman infantry, Carthage's ellies, Germania's archers and cavalry (not a big Bezerker fan like some around here), etc.

    Temple selection is easy...when you get real familiar with faction choices. "Forge" type for your recruitment centers, "trade" temples for port cities with lots of trade nodes, and "law-and-order" temples for just about everything else.

    I love my mercs no matter which faction I play. My favorites are: Arab Cavalry, Cretan Archers, Bastarnae, Spanish mercs or Illyrians (whichever is more accessible), Elephants (when a faction doesn't have them innately), hoplites (when a faction doesn't have them in their roster), Sarmatian Heavy Cavalry, and even Warbands or Barbarian Cavalry when I need to give some extra weight to an assault.

    The best way to stop units from "going amok" is to have your chariots or ellies led by generals with lots of traits or ancillaries that give bonuses to their troops, with morale boosting at the top of the list.

    Cutting devastation is not always under the control of the player but some things you can control: don't leave unnecessary armies standing around while you siege a city; destroy brigands as quickly as possible; and drive off invading armies as quickly as is possible.
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    Default Re: The best way to start?

    Imagine it says 'the best faction to start?'

    Don't know enough about the Romans only that I wouldn't choose Julii to start with.

    As above with Denari.

    With rebels expect more if a city has had a slave boost or has unrest.

    As above with structure.

    If you try to max population then a growth temple will make a big difference to slow growing cities (and there are many).

    My top three mercs: Cretan, Rhodian and Sarmatian. Ensure a good general.

    As above with amok.

    Devastation: Rebels spawned by a rebel city don't cause devastation when the city is taken. Watch for devastation cost increasing with income - it seems to grow over time even though you've removed the cause.
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    Default Re: The best way to start?

    I would say Brutii are best Romans to start out with, trade temples, easy access and Senate Missions into Greece. Tarentum can be very lucrative. The naval stuff is not a big deal, I use my navies for transport and relieving blockades, I don't actively blockade much. As far as the temples go, just take them from the Scipii, the gold stuff is nice but not necessary. No Scipii temples give trade help. I think ditto for Julii.
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