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    Default iPad Air

    So I has an iPad Air for about 3 months now and an Adonit Jot Touch 4 stylus along with it.

    Think of this as a general place to chat about iPads -and tablets overall if too narrow.

    What to go with in terms of apps and gadgets? I got a ton of games installed and this little gadget proved to be pruning a lot of time spent on PC and directing it to itself. Not to say that PCs could ever be replaced but this thingie reminded how much "light" stuff I was doing on PC, hence cutting out the time spent on that.

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    Can't say I am a very satisfied customer, Ipad3 at least is a clumsy mess. Copy-pasting especially is a nightmare it just doesn't work, and it just behaves strange in general. It's sturdy though, it survived two tosses at the wall when I had enough, it's kinda damaged but it still works. If you already got a lot of payed for apps it would be a shame to not being able to use them anymore, otherwise I wouldn't recommend buying any ipad, air 3 4 whatever

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    i really want to get the new Jolla tablet. it sings to me from its shiny indiegogo webpage...
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