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Thread: What is more important?

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    Default What is more important?

    Hi guys,

    What do you think - graphics or gameplay? What is more important?

    For me the most important thing is the gameplay and the overall experience of playing the game. I don`t pay so much attention to the graphics or the sound, but to the gameplay.One of the best gameplays that I have ever seen is COD4.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: What is more important?

    It is definitely gameplay, but I do like clean graphical interface which can turn me off a lot of older games. Even playing the Baldur's Gate re-release is cringeworthy due to how bad quality it is.
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    Default Re: What is more important?

    False dilemma. These are not mutually exclusive elements in game design.

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    Default Re: What is more important?

    Reprace graphics with presentation for that one. Very simple looking games can be really stylish.that is important for me I guess. A fps should look incredible, but that's not needed for a strategy-game per sé, very simple graphics are probably even better then if the artwork is good.
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